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Just a few of the many, many things coming to streaming services in April.
Just a few of the many, many things coming to streaming services in April.

Pop CultureApril 1, 2021

What’s new to Netflix NZ, Neon and other streaming services in April

Just a few of the many, many things coming to streaming services in April.
Just a few of the many, many things coming to streaming services in April.

What are you going to be watching in April? With thanks to our friends at Nando‘s, we round up everything that’s coming to streaming services this month, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Apple TV+, Neon and TVNZ on Demand.

The biggies

The Handmaid’s Tale (season four on Neon from April 29)

Our favourite dystopian nightmare is back, but after our own year of mask wearing, US political uprisings and social restrictions, will we see June Osbourne’s world a little differently now? Season three of the award-winning drama finished with June near death, but the season four trailer shows June not only surviving but thriving. The resistance is growing and June is putting herself – and everyone she loves – in the centre of the drama. Would we expect anything else from our steely-faced hero? Never. / TW

Creamerie (on TVNZ on Demand from April 19)

This dark Kiwi comedy-drama looks intense as hell, and I love it already. Set in a world where a rampant virus has killed all the men, three women accidentally stumble across the last surviving member of the male species, who they decide to secretly keep in their shed. Think The Handmaid’s Tale, but funny and set in rural New Zealand. Starring Perlina Lau, J.J. Fong and Ally Xue (the genius team behind Friday Night Bites), Creamerie also comes with a killer supporting cast that includes Rachel House, Jay Ryan, Tandi Wright and Sara Wiseman. / Tara Ward

Mare of Easttown (limited series on Neon from April 19)

I can’t believe it’s taken until April to get our annual gritty drama starring an Academy Award winning actress, but thank god it’s finally arrived. Kate Winslet stars in Mare of Easttown as Mare Sheehan, a detective in a small Pennsylvania town investigating a murder while trying to stop her life from falling apart. It sounds more like Sharp Objects than Big Little Lies, and I’m praying it’s nothing like The Undoing. / SB

New Zealand Today (on Three from April 8, also streaming on ThreeNow)

Comedy nerds rejoice! Guy Williams and his cult hit show are back. In it, Williams visits small-town New Zealand to investigate what he thinks are the most interesting stories in New Zealand today. Our very own Duncan Greive loved the first season, saying that “the best moments of New Zealand Today are when he’s out in the field, no script in sight, running with the people and figuring it out as he goes along”. Let’s hope season two brings us more of the same! / SB

The notables

Younger (season 7 on Neon from April 19)

Over six delightful seasons, the half-hour comedy-drama Younger has become a true highlight of my TV viewing year. Created by Darren Star, who also brought Sex and the City to the screen, Younger shares that show’s love for both New York and the magic of female friendship, but is an altogether sweeter confection. Now that Lisa’s deep dark secret – she’s not really 26, gasp, but actually a single mother in her 40s – is public knowledge, this final season will no doubt focus on the really vital drama: is she going to choose Josh or Charles?/ Catherine McGregor

George and Me (on TVNZ on Demand from April 12)

A fresh season of the New Zealand educational series about the human body hits TVNZ OnDemand this month. If your kids have ever wondered what happens to their food when they swallow it, or how long their intestines are (seven metres, FYI), this is the show for them. It’s the ideal choice for kids who love fun facts and wacky adventures, as George and his animated BFF Me explore all the mysterious ways that the body works. / TW

Why Are You Like This (on Netflix from April 17)

Need an Australian comedy about millennials to fill the Please Like Me shaped hole in your life? This new Netflix show will fill that hole handily. Why Are You Like This was commissioned through the same scheme that gave us Funny Girls and Mean Mums, where a network filmed five pilots and commissioned the show that got the best feedback. The series following best friends Penny, Mia and Austin, as they plunder through their early 20s in the hyper-divisive, socio-political hellscape that is 2020, leaving a path of destruction in their wake. Sounds a lot like Girls, with more shrimp on the barbie. / SB

Big Shot (season one on Disney+ from April 16)

Gather ’round everyone, your favourite TV uncle John Stamos (Full House, ER) wants to shoot some hoops. Stamos returns to the small screen in David E Kelley’s latest drama Big Shot, playing a grumpy basketball coach forced to take a job in an elite private girls’ high school. Those teenagers are about to teach John Stamos a thing or two about life, and what’s the bet there’s a heart of gold hiding underneath that sassy smoulder and hair that just won’t quit? Count me in, Coach. / TW

The movies

Savage (on Neon from April 15)

Sadly, this is not a feature length adaptation of the Megan Thee Stallion hit. No, it’s a local film inspired by the true stories of New Zealand’s street gangs across 30 years, following Danny (Jake Ryan) at three critical moments in his life as he grows from a boy into a violent enforcer. Each part of the film is set during a defining moment in the history of New Zealand gang life, from the state-run homes of the ’60s where many gang members grew up, to the emerging urban scene in the ’70s, right through to the ’80s where gangs became more structured – and violent. / SB

Thunder Force (on Netflix from April 9)

Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy in a superhero comedy? Sign me up, fill three bowls of popcorn, and put me on the couch. McCarthy stars with her husband, actor-director Bel Falcone, for this Netflix original about two childhood best friends who reunite as a crime-fighting duo when one invents a formula that gives people, yup, superpowers. If I’m honest, the McCarthy-Falcone pairing has resulted in films that have had, uh, little return on investment. By which I mean, they’re not very good. I have hopes for this one, though, and I can guarantee there’s worse ways to spend time on April 9, 2021. / SB

Mad Max: Fury Road (on Neon from April 22)

It’s the best action movie of the past decade. If you haven’t seen it, close this tab, wait until April 22, and watch it. / SB

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The rest


April 1

Prank Encounters: Season 2

Tersanjung the Movie

Magical Andes: Season 2

Worn Stories

Dumb and Dumber To


The Little Rascals

The Big Lebowski

April 2

The Serpent

I Met a Girl

Just say Yes

Concrete Cowboy

Madame Claude

Sky High

April 5

Family Reunion: Part 3

April 6

The Last Kids on Earth: Happy Apocalypse to You

April 7

Snabba Cash

The Wedding Coach

The Big Day: Collection 2

Dolly Parton: A MusiCares Tribute

This is a Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist

April 8

The Way of the Househusband

April 9

Have You Ever Seen Fireflies?

Thunder Force

Night in Paradise

April 11

Downton Abbey

April 13

My Love: Six Stories of True Love

Mighty Express: Season

April 14

Law School

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!

The Circle: Season 2

The Soul

Love and Monsters

Why Did You Kill Me?

April 15

Ride or Die

April 16

Ajeeb Daastaans

Into the Beat

Fast & Furious Spy Racers: Season 4: Mexico

Arlo the Alligator Boy

April 17

Why Are You Like This

April 18

Luis Miguel – The Series: Season 2

Escape and Evasion

April 20

Izzy’s Koala World: Season 2

April 21


April 22

Life in Colour with David Attenborough


April 23

Shadow and Bone

Tell me When

April 27


Go! Go! Cory Carson: season 4

April 28


Headspace Guide to Sleep

April 29

Things Heard & Seen


April 30

The Unremarkable Juanquini: Season 2

The Innocent

Pet Stars

And Tomorrow The Entire World

The Mitchells vs. The Machines


April 1

Supergirl: Season 6


Pocoyo Easter Eggs

Timmy’s Seaside Rescue

Two Minute Tales


April 2

Inside Dior


Step Brothers

April 4

Inherit the Viper

April 5

Bill & Ted Face The Music

April 7

The Unicorn: Season 2

April 8

The Patriot

April 9

A Stitch in Time

Red Joan

April 11

The Kindness of Strangers


April 12

The Nevers

Shameless: Hall of Shame

Fear the Walking Dead: Season 6B

April 13

The Tourist

April 14

The Story Of

Pineapple Express

April 15


April 16

San Andreas

April 17

Younger: Season 7

Luis & The Aliens

April 18

Where’d You Go, Bernadette

April 19

Mare of Easttown

April 20

Kids Who Save the World

Earth To Luna

Through the Woods

A Certain Justice

April 21

Breeders: Season 2

I’m a Creepy Crawly

Taina and the Amazon’s Guardians

Mad Max: Fury Road

April 22

While the Rest of Us Die

Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island

April 23

Timmy Time

Lil Doc


April 24

Black Water: Abyss

April 25

Disturbing the Peace

Sgt. Stubby

April 26

4th and Forever: Alcoa

4th & Forever: Muck City

The Swan Princess: A Royal Wedding

Cinderella: After Ever After

Jack and the Beanstalk

April 27

The Last Witch Hunter

April 28

Jupiter Ascending

The House Bunny

April 29

The Handmaid’s Tale: Season 4

Book Club

April 30

The Iron Lady

Dragon Eyes

TVNZ on Demand

April 1

Unforgotten: Season 1-2

David Bowie: Finding Fame

April 2


The Watch

April 4

The Bridge: Season 1-2

April 7

Burden of Truth: Season 1-4

April 8

Kung Fu

April 12

The Fall

Jandal Burn

George and ME

April 14

The White Queen

The White Princess

April 19


April 22

The End

April 30



April 2

Scream Queens: Season 1-2

Cesar Millan: The Real Story

Secret Life of the American Teenager: Season 1-5

Station 19: Season 4

Squanto: A Warrior’s Tale

Sharks of the Bermuda Teiangle

Dino Ranch: Season 1

Disney Walk the Plank: Season 1-3

Higglytown Heroes: Season 1-2

April 9

Solar Opposites

Disney Junior Muppet Babies: Season 3

Disney Future-Worm!

April 16

Big Shot

National Geographic: Earth Moods

April 22

Secrets of the Whales

April 30

Genius: Aretha

South Pacific

Amazon Prime Video

April 1

Lol: Last One Laughing Italy

Lol: Last One Laughing Germany

April 8

The Priest

April 9


Wir Kider Vom Bahnhof Zoo

April 30

Without Remorse

Apple TV

April 30

The Mosquito Coast

Acorn TV

April 5

Balthazar: Season 3

WPC 56: Season 2


April 12

Cider with Rosie

Taggart: Season 19-22

In Deep: Season 3

April 19

Murphy’s Law: Season 2-3

The Black Velvet Gown

April 26

Poldark: Season 1-2

The Advocates: Season 1-2

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