We stan these streaming queens.
We stan these streaming queens.

Pop CultureNovember 1, 2019

What’s new on Netflix NZ and every other streaming service in November

We stan these streaming queens.
We stan these streaming queens.

What are you going to be watching in November? The Spinoff rounds up everything that’s coming to streaming services this month, including Netflix, Lightbox, Neon, Amazon Prime and TVNZ on Demand.

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The Biggies

His Dark Materials (NEON, Season 1 weekly from November 5)

Feel like your life is lacking fantasy since Game of Thrones wrapped up? Are you (wrongly) embarrassed to revisit Philip Pullman’s excellent YA series about a young girl going up against a loosely veiled version of the Catholic Church? Then look no further than your NEON app, because HBO’s adaptation of the series is coming and it promises to be much better than the 2007 film that we don’t speak of. It looks dark, it looks beautiful and more importantly, it looks right. Cuddle up with your chosen daemon (mine is a drunk swan) and watch some parallel universe antics this November. / Sam Brooks

The Mandalorian (Disney+, Season 1 weekly from November 19)

This is one of the big pieces of original content that new streaming service Disney+ is banking on, and as reliable launch products go, it’s hard to get a more reliable one than a Star Wars spin-off in a month where people are waiting for the final film in the trilogy. This comes to us courtesy of Jon Favreau (well known for Iron Man, less known for Chef) and stars Pedro Pascal, Gina Carano, Giancarlo Esposito, Taika Waititi (!) ,and Werner Herzog (?!). It covers the period five years after the fall of The Empire in The Return of the Jedi and 25 years before the rise of The First Order in The Force Awakens, and if those things mean anything you, congratulations! You’re a nerd.

(Note: This show launches November 12 in the US and Canada, but because this service launches here on the 19th, that’s when this show comes out here.) / SB

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The Morning Show (Apple TV, Season 1 weekly from November 1)

Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carrell star in The Morning Show, Apple TV’s flagship drama about a team of journalists working on a popular breakfast TV show. Aniston and Carrell play the show’s two hosts, and when Carrell’s character is fired for sexual misconduct, Witherspoon plays an up-and-coming reporter who joins Aniston on the news desk. With themes of #metoo and fake news, and set in a world where women have a ‘use-by date’, who wouldn’t want to watch Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon take control, one crisis at a time?/ Tara Ward


The Crown (Netflix, Season 3 binge from November 17)

Put your tiaras on and sit back in the middle of this month for the third season of The Crown. This new season will follow Prince Charles and Princess Anne through the 60’s and 70’s with plenty of unnecessary opulence, questionable outfits and tantalising drama to keep you occupied. Queen Elizabeth (newly cast Academy-Award winner Olivia Colman) finds herself in a bit of royal duty strife and Helena Bonham Carter is set to add her kooky flair to the show as Princess Margaret. / Hannah Kronast

Goodnight Kiwi (TVNZ on Demand, from November 11)

Television icon Goodnight Kiwi returns to our screens in a delightful new series that brings storybooks to life for young children. Goodnight Kiwi and his BFF Cat will team up with New Zealand actors, broadcasters and comedians including the Topp Twins, Stacey Morrison, Oscar Kightley and Hilary Barry, to share local stories and classic tales in both English and te reo Māori. Goodnight Kiwi hopes to inspire a love of reading and storytelling in Kiwi kids, as well as introduce the cartoon bird to a generation who will never have the pleasure of staying up so late that even the TV went to bed before they did. / TW


The Notables

The End of the F*cking World (Netflix, Season 2 binge from November 5)

Undoubtedly the sleeper Netflix hit of 2018, The End of the F*cking World centres on two teenagers: the self-confessed/diagnosed psychopath James and the no less troubled Alyssa who team up to go on the run. Laughs are had, awkward adolescent love blooms, and audiences go wild and maybe think a little bit too much about their own teenage experiences, which hopefully don’t involve being a psychopath. But you know what? You do you! / SB

Kidding (NEON, binge from November 16)

Jim Carrey is about to be back on our screens, this time playing a children’s presenter who’s slowly losing his sanity. After a few cinematic flops, Carrey is back to prove himself in the leading role of Jeff Pickle which appears to be written just for him. Mr Pickle is a beloved children’s entertainer who struggles to keep his world (and mind) in place when he loses his son in a car accident, his marriage ends, and his other son gets caught up in the wrong crowd. Expect to see a hair shaving breakdown and creepy puppets. / HR

Ramy (TVNZ on Demand, binge from November 12)

Ramy comes with a lot of buzz and hope behind it, being the first US-produced drama to follow a first-generation American Muslim – one caught between his Egyptian community and his millennial community. It’s the brainchild of Ramy Youssef, who also stars in it, and it looks like it’s one of those gentle semi-autobiographical comedies that lures you in with charm and then gut punches you with some existential or philosophical revelation. So, you know, a good TV show. / SB

Dickinson (Apple TV, weekly from November 1)

Horny Emily Dickinson? It’ll take some time before I get over Cynthia Nixon’s tortured performance as the doomed poet in A Quiet Passion, but an adolescent, fun version is maybe the exact cleanser we need. Erstwhile pop star Hailee Steinfeld plays the poet herself, and the cast is rounded out by comedic genius Jane Krakowski as her mother and Wiz Khalifa as Death (sure!). It promises to be funny, irreverent and show a different, but not necessarily ahistorical side of the author (not sure how much Billie Eilish she listened to in real life). / SB

The Simpsons (Disney+, all thirty seasons from November 19)

It’s The Simpsons. / SB


Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw (Lightbox from November 13)

I saw this movie in the cinemas and can say, with little exaggeration, that it is the dumbest and most fun movie I have ever seen. The Rock and Jason Statham are basically creating their own genre of movie here: the action screwball comedy. Their chemistry is off the charts amazing while still radiating a strong, implausible ‘no homo’ energy. Vanessa Kirby, who previously played Princess Margaret on the ground, ends up having to play straight man to the musclebound lunatics known as Hobbs and Shaw, and it’s a treat. Fair warning, though: there’s a lot less car gymnastics in this one, and a lot more people knocking other people down. / SB

The Report (Amazon Prime Video from November 29)

After 9/11, hundreds of people suspected of having Al Qaeda links were rounded up by the CIA and held in detention. There they were subjected to ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ – torture to you and I – that was kept secret from both politicians and the public for years. The Report, written and directed by Scott Z. Burns – the writer on Steven Soderbergh’s recent The Laundromat – tells the story of the painstaking work of Daniel Jones (Adam Driver), the Senate staffer tasked with uncovering the extent of the CIA’s coverup. Starring Jon Hamm, Annette Bening and a murderer’s row of great character actors (Tim Blake Nelson, hello!) this should go on the watch list (sorry) of any fan of riveting political docudrama./ Catherine McGregor

The King (Netflix from November 1)

Known to me, and only me, as Call Me Your Once and Future King, this loose adaptation of Shakespeare’s Henry history plays star Timothee Chalamet as Emo Bowlcut Henry V and Robert Pattinson as the floppy-haired dauphin. There is probably little romance here, but if period drama with pretty white boy actors is your thing, then look no further. David Michod directs, who was behind the superb Animal Kingdom, and it also stars our very own Thomasin McKenzie from Jojo Rabbit. Wrap up in your big fur coat, and hunker down, people. / SB

The Irishman (Netflix from November 27)

Martin Scorsese’s historical drama The Irishman is getting a limited release in cinemas this month before it ends up online. With all the superhero movies moving to Disney+, Scorsese can finally enjoy the wealthy embrace of the Netflix model. This film is classic Scorsese: it’s about organised crime, and a hitman with a complicated past. It stars Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci. For new viewers, they’ve thrown in Anna Paquin and Ray “Everybody Loves Me” Romano. / Josie Adams

The Rest

What follows is a list of what is coming up on every streaming service this month.

The cast of Queer Eye: We’re in Japan.


November 1

Atypical: Season 3


Queer Eye: We’re in Japan!

We Are the Wave


Holiday in the Wild

The King

The Man Without Gravity

Fire in Paradise

Hello Ninja

True: Grabbleapple Harvest

Eat Pray Love

Santa Girl

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: Best Gift Ever

The Last Samurai

See No Evil, Hear No Evil

Body of Lies

Christmas Break-In


Tucker: The Man and His Dream

The Quick and the Dead

November 2

Father Figures

From Dusk Till Dawn: Season 3

November 3

The Hero

November 4

Pacific Rim: Uprising

November 5

Tune in for Love

Seth Meyers: Lobby Baby

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: Season 4

The End of the F***ing World: Season 2 

November 6

Greenleaf: Season 4


November 8

Busted!: Season 2

Greatest Events of WWII in HD Colour

Green Eggs and Ham

Paradise Beach

Let It Snow

Meet the Blacks

November 9

Little Things: Season 3

Fifty Shades Freed

November 10

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: Volume 5

November 11


November 12

Jeff Garlin: Our Man In Chicago

Harvey Girls Forever!: Season 3

Mars: Season 2

Yummy Mummies: Season 2

November 13

Maradona in Mexico

November 14

The Stranded

November 15

Surf’s Up: Wave Mania

Avlu: Part 2

I’m with the Band: Nasty Cherry

The Club

The Toys That Made Us: Season 3

House Arrest


Earthquake Bird

GO!: The Unforgettable Party

Llama Llama: Season 2


Jonah Hex

Joe Versus the Volcano

No Escape

November 17

The Crown: Season 3

November 18

Side Effects

November 19

No hay tiempo para la verguenza

Iliza: Unveiled

November 20

Lorena, la de pies ligeros

Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator

Z Nation: Season 5

November 21

The Knight Before Christmas


November 22

Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings

High Seas: Season 2

Nailed It! Holiday!: Season 2

Narcoworld: Dope Stories

Nobody’s Looking

Singapore Social

Dino Girl Gauko

The Dragon Prince: Season 3

Trolls: The Beat Goes On!: Season 8

Secret in Their Eyes

Mon frère

November 23

Phantom Thread

November 24

Final Space: Season 2

November 26

Zona Rosa

Mike Birbiglia: The New One

Super Monsters Save Christmas

True: Winter Wishes

November 27


The Irishman

November 28

Merry Happy Whatever

Lugar de Mulher


Holiday Rush

John Crist: I Ain’t Prayin For That

November 29

Chip and Potato: Season 2

Vikings: Season 5: Vol. 2

Sugar Rush Christmas

The Movies That Made Us

Free Willy, obviously.


November 2

Alpha & Omega

The Ant Bully

Black Beauty

A Cinderella Story

Free Willy

Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home

Free Willy 3: the Rescue

How to Eat Fried Worms

Kit Kittredge: An American Girl

Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of Gahoole

Looney Tunes: Back in Action

Monkey Trouble

My Dog Skip

Nancy Drew

New York Minute

Richie Rich

See Spot Run

She’s The Man

The Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants

Skating to New York

Speed Racer

St. Trinians 2

Stick It


Unaccompanied Inors

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)

November 3



Happy Death Day 2u

November 4

Battle of the Bulbs

Second Act


November 5

His Dark Materials

Britannia: Season Two

Bare Knuckle Brawler

Gary Gulman: The Great Depresh

November 6


Hell Fest

Hunter Killer

The Last Mimzy

November 7

The Favourite

The Kid Who Would Be King

November 8

I Am Duran

November 11

Shameless: Season Ten

The Sisters Brothers


November 12

Poldark: Season Five

November 13

Mary Queen of Scots

Bad Neighbours

Green Book


November 15

Living with Tourette’s: Season Two

November 16


November 17

The Hate U Give

The Ninth Gate

November 18

Ray Donovan: Season Seven

November 19


November 20

Making New Zealand: Season Three

November 22

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

November 23

The Cult of The Family

November 25

Room 104

November 27

Eastbound & Down


November 29

Can You Ever Forigve Me?

From Prada to Nada

A History of VIolence

They Shall Not Grow Old

November 30

Beecham House

Ramy Youssef, on Ramy.

TVNZ On Demand

November 11

Goodnight Kiwi

November 12


November 19

Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics & Men

Wu-Tang: An American Saga

November 21

Paradise Hotel

November 22


November 26


29 November


Amazon Prime Video

November 1

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan: Season Two

November 8

One Child Nation

November 15

Brittany Runs a Marathon

The Man in the High Castle

November 29

The Report

Chloe Sevigny in Those Who Kill.


November 1

Those Who Kill

November 5

New Girl: Season Six

November 6

Diego Maradona


Head Full of Honey

Late Night

American Woman

Maria by Callas


November 8

Mary Queen of Scots

Jack Irish

November 12


November 13

The Intruder

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw

November 15

The Mick

November 19

30 Rock

November 20

Bates Motel

Angel Has Fallen


The Philosophy of Phil

10 Minutes Gone

November 22

The Killing

November 26

George of the Jungle: Season Two

Postman Pat: Season Three

November 27

Cross Rise of the Villains



A Dog’s Journey

Wiggles: Dorothy the Dinosaur

Peter Rabbit: Season Two

November 29

Green Book

Wiggles; Wiggle Town

Wiggles: Lachy

Lady and Tramp, NOT live action.


November 19

The Mandalorian

Lady and the Tramp


High School Musical: The Musical: The Series


The Imagineering Story

Marvel’s Hero Project

The World According to Jeff Goldblum

Also, everything in this thread. It’s pretty much every Disney thing you can think of, and a lot of things you can’t.

Horny Emily Dickinson

Apple TV

November 1

The Morning Show



For All Mankind


Snoopy in Space


The Elephant Queen

November 28


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