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Pop CultureFebruary 7, 2017

Inside the Lightbox: Heavenly shows arriving in February


Inside the Lightbox is a sponsored segment where we peruse the extensive Lightbox catalogue for shows you might like to watch. This time, we round up the sizzling new content coming this February.


Pushing Daisies (S1-2)

Pushing Daises knew about everything cute before it was cute. Bushy eyebrows. Zooey Deschanel dresses. Pie-making. Ned (pre-Hobbit Lee Pace) is gifted with the ability to bring the dead back to life with a single touch, but quickly learns that this gift comes with grim sacrifices. It’s twee but not too twee, grappling with morality whilst serving up mucho eye-candy and delicious pie footage.

The West Wing (S1-7)

Long considered to be one of the greatest television shows ever produced, The West Wing, and creator Aaron Sorkin, are often criticised for being a little too earnest and corny. In the time of Obama, a genuinely cool president, nobody wanted to see Rob Lowe save the day with a well-written speech. But in today’s political climate where those in power are the least inspiring, The West Wing is the perfect antidote to remind us all that being hopeful and aspirational is cool.

Veronica Mars (S1-3)

While the likes of Gilmore Girls and Josh Schwarz’ twin masterpieces The OC and Gossip Girl have become far more frequently cited pop cultural touchstones, re-watching Veronica Mars recently made me certain that it was the true pinnacle of that magical era for teens on screens.” – Duncan Greive, The Spinoff

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (S1)

Joining Arrow and The Flash on the pumping superhero TV dancefloor, Legends of Tomorrow features time travelling rogues, impending doom and someone called ‘Heat Wave’. Wonder what their power is.

800 Words (S1)

A nice middle-aged Aussie bloke with a preposterous column in a major Sydney newspaper moves to a small New Zealand coastal community with his teenage kids and suffers a series of amusing calamities. In the spirit of popular Australian family dramas like Packed to the Rafters, 800 Words is a rare feel-good show, a ray of light in world of increasingly dark dramas. 

Blindspot (S1)

Had they really made a TV show about the tumultuous career of New Zealand nu-metal band Blindspott, of which heavily-tattooed X Factor NZ host Shelton Woolright was once the drummer?” – Calum Henderson, NZ Herald

No. They hadn’t. But Blindspot still ropes you into a tattoo-based mystery wherein a woman appears in a duffel bag in the middle of Times Square. With her memory completely wiped, the FBI must rely on her “treasure map” of tatts to solve the mystery.

The Path (S2 arrives express weekly)

It definitely stars Aaron Paul, Hugh Dancy and Michelle Monaghan. It’s definitely NOT a show about Scientology. At all. In the slightest.

Suits (S6 arrives express weekly)

Get back in the trenches with Harvey Specter and co with Suits, the slick legal drama that teaches you about how to be cool and also how not to get swindled by your landlord.

Black Sails (S4 arrives express weekly)

Michael Bay’s epic pirate series Black Sails doesn’t get as much attention as some period action dramas, but it’s been building an increasingly devoted audience with its filmic scale and intense, often surprising storytelling.” – Dominic Corry, The Spinoff


The Mindy Project (S5 returns Feb 15)

Soothe the aching disappointment of Valentine’s Day with the return of The Mindy Project S5 the very next day. Get yourself an endless chocolate fountain, strap on a wine bra and soak in the rom com-inspired hijinks of Mindy Lahiri and her dithering workmates.

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man (S2 arrives Feb 24)

Everyone is screaming about the Marvel universe all the time, but Stan Lee’s Lucky Man seldom gets a mention among your Hulks and your Ant Men and your Chris Evan’s butt shots. The guy from Cold Feet finds a magical bracelet that allows him to control luck? That’s plenty to scream about imo.

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