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Pop CultureFebruary 10, 2017

Why is Duncan Garner wearing all Paul Henry’s old clothes?


A new promo video for The AM Show has unearthed a grisly revelation: Duncan Garner is not only replacing Paul Henry, he is… becoming him. 

Everyone is talking about +HR=E this week, be it the confronting new rebrand or the inexplicable colonial garb worn strictly by comedians in their bold new channel vision. But there’s something sinister lurking beneath the confetti canons, the twerking Dai Henwood and Patrick Gower throwing paper all over the show. In an exciting turn of events, Duncan Garner appears to be going full Norman Bates on his early morning predecessor Paul Henry.

Look at the buttons. Look at the cautiously stitched-up pocket. Look at the superfluous lapel buttonhole. Look at the resigned expression. There is something they’re not telling us.

A cursory Google image search suggests Garner’s method presenting is a recent development. Paul Henry on the other hand has seemingly always been fond of the desert blazer and bright shirt combo. His search results also gifted us a random Pinterest image of a ripped male model and the father of a prominent Auckland DJ.

“Duncan Garner – images” is a sea of black and white. All business, all the time. And sometimes a puffer jacket to spice things up.

Are dark suits too harsh for the soft, drooping eyes of breakfast television viewers? What did +HR=E have to offer Garner in order for him to don an I’m-definitely-wearing-boat-shoes-and-no-socks tan suit? Whatever it was, he took it and is laughing all the way to the bank where the teller will mistake him for Paul Henry on first glance.

Or maybe that’s just the only breakfast combination available at MediaWorks.

The AM Show premieres 6am on +HR=E and simulcast online and on RadioLIVE

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