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New to streaming: What to watch on Netflix NZ, Neon and more this week


We round up everything coming to streaming services this week, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Apple TV+, ThreeNow, Neon and TVNZ+.

If you love a haunting crime thriller: Under the Bridge (Disney+, June 12)

A huge week for fans of prestige crime miniseries, with the much-anticipated Under the Bridge, starring Lily Gladstone (Killers of the Flower Moon) and Riley Keough (Daisy Jones and the Six) arriving this Wednesday. Based on Rebecca Godfrey’s book, Under the Bridge focuses on the human toll of high profile homicide. It’s been called “an unblinking look at the ways we fail each other and, perhaps more importantly, ourselves”. Once you’re done with that, Apple TV’s Presumed Innocent comes out June 14, following a murder case that gets turned upside down when an attorney involved becomes a suspect. 

If you love a campy crime thriller: The Brokenwood Mysteries (TVNZ1, June 16)

New Zealand’s answer to Midsomer Murders returns to TVNZ1 this weekend for its 10th season, and there’s something cosy and comforting about returning year after year to these colourful small town characters and their unbelievably absurd deaths. This season is said to feature “a brutal murder with a Jurassic twist, a spooky crime scene amidst the Day of the Dead, a lovestruck dental patient and a vicious visit to a House of Horrors.” God defend our free land. 

If you love absurdist comedy: Fantasmas (Neon, June 16)

Early reviews have called this new comedy series “an immersive journey into a singular mind”, an “absurdist triumph” and “like nothing else on TV”. Created by and starring Julio Torres (Problemista, Saturday Night Live), the series has a loose overarching plot about a man being evicted from his water tower, but appears to be about so much more – a critique of Hollywood, an exploration of immigrant identity, and something about hamsters. Packed with star-studded vignettes featuring Emma Stone, Aidy Bryant and Steve Buscemi as an ageing rocker with a blue mohawk, this is one for people who don’t mind a spot of buzzy viewing. 

If you love New Zealanders and ultraviolence: The Boys S4 (Prime Video, June 13)

For those who prefer their superheroes with a side of swearing, nudity, gore, and commentary on the American military- industrial complex, The Boys is returning this week for a fourth season. Starring New Zealand acting legends Anthony Starr and Karl Urban, this season picks up in a world is on the brink on chaos. A tyrant is in charge of the White House, Urban and Starr remain trapped in their Batman and Joker-inspired tension, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy) will be joining the cast in a mystery role. We’re just looking forward to seeing Starr’s famously chill high wire scene again.

If you love Taskmaster: Taskmaster Champion of Champions (TVNZ, June 12)

We’re big fans of Taskmaster here at The Spinoff, setting ourselves the excruciating annual task of ranking every task from the local iteration of the series. For a much more soothing experience, this one-off Taskmaster UK special pits the winners of the last couple of seasons against each other to crown one winner of a terrifying gold Greg Davies sculpture. Features former contestants Dara Ó Briain, Kiell Smith-Bynoe, Morgana Robinson, Sarah Kendall, Sophie Duker and Kiell Smith-Bynoe. 

The rest


Lucas the Spider (June 10)

Tour de France Unchained S2 (June 11)

Dinner Time Live David Chang (Live, June 12)

King of Collectables S2 (June 12)

My Next Guest with David Letterman S5 (June 12)

Trigger Warning (June 12)

Mysteries of the Terracotta Warriors (June 13)

Bridgerton S3 part two (June 13)

Doctor Climax (June 13)

Lego Friends S2 (June 13)

Remembering Gene Wilder (June 13)

The Last Row (June 13)

Miss Sloane (June 14)

Abang Adik (June 14)

Lonesome (June 14)

Maharaj (June 14)

Mapantsula (June 14)

Nightmares and Daydreams (June 14)

The 355 (June 14)

Truth (June 14)

Ultraman Rising (June 14)

Under the Skin (June 14)

Black Clover S4 (June 15)

She Said (June 15)

Blueback (June 15)

Fatal Attraction (June 15)

No Side Manager (June 15)

Taken (June 15)

Supercell (June 15)
The Fault in Our Stars (June 15)

Parasite (June 15)

Miss Night and Day (June 16)


The Path (June 11)

Secrets of the Chippendale Murders (June 11)

The Science of Drugs with Richard Roxburgh (June 13)

Superfly (June 13)

Money Monster (June 13)

Grandma (June 13)

The End Of The Tour (June 13)

Dawn of the Dolphins (June 15)

Sneakerholics (June 15)

UEFA Euro 2024 (June 15-21) 


You, Me and My Ex (June 10)

Red Eye (June 12)


Hart of Dixie S1-S4 (June 11)

11 A.K.A Mr Chow (June 11) 

Scooby-Doo! And Krypto, Too! (June 12)

Turtles All The Way Down (June 12)

The Equalizer S4 (June 12)

Blue Beetle (June 13)

Mortal Engines (June 14)

Riddick (June 14)

A Thousand And One (June 16)

Prime Video

Dumb Money (June 10)

Mob Land (June 10)

1122 S1 (June 14)

WNBA: Las Vegas Aces At Phoenix Mercury (June 14)

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