Pop CultureSeptember 14, 2015

Television: Benefits, Bones and Kiwi Battlers – Five Things to Watch This Week


Woah, busy alert! I see you, shuffling papers and scrolling through your calendar with a furrowed brow. Life is crazy, life is hectic. TV? Forget about it! What a nightmare! Lucky for you, we have had a scan of the week ahead and have got your five essential television appointments booked. Sit back, relax and let the trusty Spinoff guide you through your television week.

Bones, Friday 8.30pm on Prime


It’s the 206th episode of Bones this week, and they are celebrating the only way a television show can: by naming all 206 bones in the human body throughout the course of the episode. There could well be some sort of drinking game involved here, looking forward to Temperance walking into a comedy bar and saying “good to be within the radius of something so humerus.”

I am Cait, Monday 8.30pm on E!


The final episode of Caitlyn Jenner’s groundbreaking docuseries airs tonight, wherein Caitlyn reunites with Kris in person and makes amends – sort of. From Caitlyn’s poignant admission that she once contemplated suicide, to her travelling into trans communities and talking to those most deeply affected by conservative attitudes, the series has proven that the reality genre can be used as an archive and a conduit for powerful social change.

Benefits Street, Wednesday 8.30pm on TV One


This UK documentary series opens up the world of some of Britain’s most benefit-dependent communities. Loosely basing each episode around a particular theme from parenting to immigration, the eye-opening series sheds light on poverty-stricken communities, and the bonds that form under extreme hardship.

Autopsy: Robin Williams, Tuesday 8.30pm TV One


Too soon.

Project Runway, Thursday 9.30pm on Vibe


Everyone knows that one of the best things that can happen as a New Zealander is having Tim Gunn yell at you whilst you gently sob into some raw silk. This season, New Zealand’s own Duncan Chambers-Watson puts his foot on the sewing machine pedal, hoping to follow in the fashion footsteps of Sean Kelly from Hawera (last season’s winner).

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