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The final semi-famous five.
The final semi-famous five.

Pop CultureJuly 15, 2018

Survivor NZ, week 13: Adam packs up all his faces

The final semi-famous five.
The final semi-famous five.

Only five survivors are left battling it out for the money and glory, and honestly, it could be anyone’s game at this point.

Could our winner be pharma-hunk Dave, who in immunity challenges is always the runner up, never the bride? Or maybe Tara, who no one in the jury is particularly angry at for sending them home, so could snatch the popular vote. Maybe it will be Team Pink captain Tess, or the endlessly meme-able Adam. Or could it be Lisa, who fooled everyone with her ‘superfan-mum’ façade? We’re a few weeks away from finding out our winner, but for now let’s see how things played out this week.

Tess’s Comeback

Tess was all but done for last week, but somehow her new lizard alliance came through for her, and it was Matt who got voted out instead. Back at camp, Tess was not happy with Adam when he revealed that he wrote her name down, and she gave him the silent treatment for a good day.

Still, Tess had a stellar week, winning both the reward and immunity challenges, securing herself a spot in the top four. When Tess had to decide who to bring on her Thai massage reward, she put the drama from last tribal aside, and chose Adam, who gave her the most awkward hug we’ve seen this season.

The reward gave the two a chance to get off the island for a bit. Last week, when she was certain she was on the chopping block, Tess told us she was glad that she was “still in paradise”. It seems she’s changed her tune a bit this week.

Adam gets the chop

This week we say goodbye to Adam, whose confessional interviews have without a doubt been the highlight of the season. We all knew Adam wouldn’t leave us without dropping some heavy shade, and of course, he delivered.

Although I found it kinda hilarious that Adam decided to call everyone else trolls while sitting like this:

Trolly trolly troll.

So let’s take a look back at few more of the most iconic Adam moments from the season:

Many faces and yet one face. Because of the Botox.

Strat Chat

The strat chat this week centered around the two power couples on the island trying to woo Dave to vote with them. On one side was Adam and Tess, neither of whom had really worked with Dave before, and on the other was Lisa and Tara.

There was a moment in one of Tara’s confessionals this week when she said she didn’t want to “drag anyone to the end”, and this really made me cackle. It’s pretty clear that Tara is the goat of this season, the person you sit with at the final Jury because you know they haven’t played a good game, and won’t receive any votes. Tara’s only hope is that Lisa and Dave piss off everyone in the jury enough that they would vote for Tara out of spite for the other two.

Tribal Council

Oh, you didn’t think Adam was going to leave without some fireworks did you? Adam laid it all out on the table at tribal this week. He didn’t hold back, stating a pretty convincing case against Lisa, who is looking like a frontrunner at this stage.

All of this, capped off with Adam shouting Lisa’s name through the cave as he voted. I expected nothing less.

Can’t even tell who Adam isn’t a fan of here.

Blindside Rating: 1/10

I genuinely thought that Dave might have flipped on Lisa this week, but unfortunately he didn’t, and Adam was sent packing. All according to Lisa’s master plan.

Jury Villa bonus!

Oh, you aren’t watching Jury Villa? Mate. This week’s video is an absolute doozy, and it looks like the biggest controversy of the season is about to come to a head. Get all the tea on TVNZ OnDemand.

Chisholm-ism of the week

My favourite line this week actually comes from Tess, not Matt. At the massage reward, Tess describes herself as a “real pamper-puss” which is precisely what I expect to hear from someone who self identifies as “Team Pink”.

Survivor NZ Quick Stats

18 – kg lost by Adam on Survivor, the most of anyone this season. Skinny legend!!
4 – players left: Tara, Dave, Tess and Lisa
0 – chickens sacrificed for food.

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