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Pop CultureNovember 16, 2017

Here are all the cool new arrivals to Lightbox in November


Need new TV in your life? Hollywood mediums? Stargate voyagers? Floppy-haired Ryan Gosling? Then allow us to present the new offerings to Lightbox in November.

Blindspot (S1-2 available now, new eps of S3 arrive every Sunday)

It started with a tattoo enthusiast in a duffel bag in Times Sqaure, but the mystery thriller has become so much more than that. Season three promises to be a “soft reboot” for the series, but you can still expect the same high stakes, FBI drama and, of course, those truth-telling tatts.

Better Things (new eps of S2 arrive every Friday)

A single mother stumbles through life raising three children, while also maintaining an acting career in the cutthroat town of Hollywood. Star and writer Pamela Adlon steals the show in the lead role, sharp and spiky and very frequently hilarious.

Stargate Atlantis (S1-5 available now)

The whole series. The whole universe. The whole week needed to binge watch it.

Top Chef Masters (S5 available now)

A spinoff of the smash hit knife fight Top Chef, Masters puts some of the world’s best chefs head to head in high-pressure cook-offs, rather than the regular aspiring underlings. A heck of a lot more impressive than the pop rocks of MKRNZ, that’s for sure.

Documentary extravaganza (available now)

Get ready to feed your mind with key learnings with the help of some of acting’s finest. Journey to the depths of space with Patrick Stewart himself, visit Arabia with Helen Mirren, or take a stroll with the dinosaurs with Michael Douglas.

Hollywood Medium (S1 available Nov 17)

If a young medium who looks like one of the Children of the Corn and can talk to the dead pets of celebrities doesn’t impress you, nothing will.

Search Party (S2 available Nov 20)

Ever become so obsessed with a crime case that you’ve become directly involved? Love 90s fashion and Ali Shawkat from Arrested Development? You might just like this show. “Search Party proves itself to be, quite quickly, a mixture of mystery and satire,” wrote Sam Brooks on season one earlier this year.

“The series savagely skewers the millennial desire to make everything about ourselves, to find meaning in the world to give ourselves a purpose, and to find pathos in the simple act of being disaffected.”

Cartoon extravaganza (available Nov 22)

If you or your young ones are a fan of cool cartoons, welcome Hello Kitty, the Powerpuff Girls and a Jonny Bravo Christmas Special into your lives on November 20.

The Getaway (available Nov 24)

The only thing better than travelling is travelling with a celebrity, which is exactly what The Getaway embraces. Join everyone from Joel McHale (Community) to Aziz Ansari (Parks and Recreation) on their intrepid journeys across the globe.

10 Days in the Valley (available Nov 25)

A tense thriller that blurs the lines between life, work and television, a mother’s worst nightmare comes true when she discovers her daughter has gone missing in the middle of the night. Stars The Closer‘s Kyra Sedgwick.

Young Hercules (available Nov 28)

Filmed in New Zealand, and starring a weedy, floppy-haired young Ryan Gosling, Young Hercules was the toast of the late 90s.

Law & Order UK (available Nov 29)

The iconic procedural crime show has taken a trip to foggy Londontown, so pour yourself a pint of lager and a packet of crisps and *dun dun* get stuck in.

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