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Pop CultureMay 17, 2018

Breaking news: Lightbox now has movies AND downloads

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As of today, there’s a bunch of new ways to Lightbox! Sam Brooks counts them all, including premium subscriptions, movies, downloads and a kids corner.

So you’ve got Lightbox. It’s your favourite place to stream The Handmaid’s TaleSuits, UnReal and a range of other great shows. It sponsors your favourite TV section on the internet. It’s great, it works for you, it’s fun for the whole family. But if you looked at Lightbox today on your lunch break, then you’ll see that there’s a whole new look.

Current Lightbox customers have been automatically placed on the new-style standard plan at the same current price of $12.99, or free as part of selected Spark plans. But what if Lightbox did even more? As of today, there are more ways than ever to use your Lightbox subscription. Let’s run down the options.


Elisabeth Moss in the gripping second season of The Handmaid’s Tale.

Customers can now choose between Standard and Premium Plans for Lightbox. The standard is the same ol’ Lightbox you’ve got with the same ol’ subscription price of $12.99 (or as part of your Spark plan), but with the new look and feel that Lightbox has now.

But then there’s the new Premium plan. Have you ever wanted to cry while laughing on the train? Watch 30 Rock! Want to angle your phone away from passengers on the bus because there was a sex scene that you totally anticipated and secretly hoped for? Watch Outlander!

Not safe for train

Lightbox Premium now offers temporary downloads of the entire Lightbox TV catalogue, which means that you can now do these things. Or you can watch something appropriate for public transport. Follow your soul.

And if you’ve got a large family or a large flat, and someone wants to watch the Murder She Wrote specials on their 72″ TV in the lounge while someone else wants to watch Meghan Markle on Suits in their bedroom, then the Premium plan will allow this totally hypothetical scenario to go down. With Premium, you can now watch Lightbox on up to four screens concurrently!

All customers can choose to upgrade and enjoy the enhanced features of the new Premium plan. Spark customers on plans that include Lightbox can upgrade for $3 per month; other Lightbox customers will pay the total of $15.99 per month for Premium.


Get in on your favourite bear.

That’s right! Lightbox now has a movie rental service! Now you don’t have to leave the house to watch films, and spend approximately fifteen hundred dollars of popcorn. On a pay-per-view basis, Lightbox will bring you the latest movies straight from the cinemas, in case you missed them because you were watching too much of The Handmaid’s Tale, which we can understand.

Among the titles available from today are everybody’s favourite leg-breaking ice skating comedy-drama I Tonya, hugely successful Jumanji reboot Jumanji, Liam Neeson commuting film The Commuter and many Spinoff staffers’ favourite film of 2017, Paddington 2. (Most importantly for me is Call Me By Your Name, which I have already seen three times, and will watch about three hundred more times thanks to this service.)

These movies will be available to rent on both Lightbox TV plans as well as for non-subscribers, all you’ll have to do is fill out a simple registration form.

Pricing from $6.99 (SD) for new releases and $4.99 (SD) for library titles. Pricing is subject to T&C’s found at


Everybody’s favourite pets, on patrol.

But what about those meddling kids, who are always trying to get into the latest adaptation of a Margaret Atwood series, or watch Bryan Cranston cook meth or even catch up on ’90s sitcom Seinfeld? Lightbox has got you covered for that eventuality as well!

A new PIN-protected Kids Corner is available on both Standard and Premium plans, offering parents the security of knowing their children won’t be able to catch up on their historical Shakespeare adaptations and watch The Hollow Crown. It’s even got a funky new look, and there’s a lot more kid’s content available for streaming in general!

Click below to explore the new souped-up version of Lightbox and watch Paddington 2 till the stars turn cold

This content, like all television coverage we do at The Spinoff, is brought to you thanks to the excellent folk at Lightbox. Do us and yourself a favour by clicking here to start a FREE 30 day trial of this truly wonderful service.

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