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Clockwise: The Bear, Julie and Julia, Justified: Primeval City, They Cloned Tyrone.
Clockwise: The Bear, Julie and Julia, Justified: Primeval City, They Cloned Tyrone.

Pop CultureJuly 17, 2023

New to streaming: What to watch on Netflix NZ, Neon and more this week

Clockwise: The Bear, Julie and Julia, Justified: Primeval City, They Cloned Tyrone.
Clockwise: The Bear, Julie and Julia, Justified: Primeval City, They Cloned Tyrone.

What are you going to be watching this week? We round up everything coming to streaming services this week, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Apple TV+, Neon and TVNZ+.

The biggies

The Bear (on Disney+ from July 19)

No one likes to wait for their main course but New Zealand fans of The Bear have been forced to wait a full month longer than everyone else to devour the second season. Set in a chaotic Chicago sandwich shop and led by grieving blue-eyed chef Carmy, season two of The Bear is, according to overseas critics, much calmer than the first. That gives the show room to breath: sandwich shop The Beef is closed, the team is uniting behind the creation a new-look fine dining restaurant, and that gives the show time to dive even deeper into these compelling, complicated characters. Expect romance, expect flashbacks, expect to be introduced to the chaotic mother figure behind it all. Also expect to clear your schedule: when The Bear’s second season lands, you’ll want to eat it all up in one big gulp. / Chris Schulz

Totally Completely Fine (on TVNZ+ from July 20)

New Zealand star Thomasin McKenzie continues her upward trajectory in this new Australian comedy-drama. McKenzie plays Vivienne, a selfish twenty-something who inherits her grandfather’s cliffside property, only to discover her new home is a popular suicide jumping spot. She learns her grandfather had dedicated his life to helping the troubled visitors to his property, and now it’s up to Vivienne to continue her grandad’s legacy. It’s a gem of a dark comedy and full of heart, and as you’d expect, the talented McKenzie steals every scene she’s in. / Tara Ward

Justified: City Primeval (on Disney+ from July 19)

Did you want more Justified? If you were a fan of the detective series from about a decade ago, then almost certainly you do! Timothy Olyphant returns as Elmore Leonard’s Raylan Givens, who has left Kentucky for the bleak neon lights of Miami, continuing to work as a U.S. Marshal while raising his daughter part-time. However, he soon finds himself in Detroit, pursuing a notorious criminal constantly avoiding the police force there./ Sam Brooks

The notables

The Deepest Breath (documentary on Netflix from July 19)

This film follows a free diver training to break a world record, which doesn’t sound stressful at all. That diver, Alessia Zecchini, enlists the help of safety diver Stephan Keenan, and the film follows the highs and very literal lows of chasing their specific dream. SB

Sweet Magnolias (season three on Netflix from 20)

My heart always skips a beat when I see that Steel Magnolias is back, but alas, this is Sweet Magnolias – not a reboot of the Julia Roberts/Dolly Parton classic that I spent 80% of my teenage years sobbing uncontrollably to. This one’s a soapy drama that follows the lives and loves of three best friends – Maddie, Helen and Dana Sue – who live in the small Southern American town of… wait for it… Serenity.  Leave your cynicism at the door, thanks very much, and enjoy your visit to the sweet little town where you can never have enough community picnics. / TW

The Chemistry of Death (on TVNZ+ from July 18)

This British/German co-production is based on the bestselling novel of the same name, and tells the story of Dr David Hunter (Harry Treadaway), who moves to a small village after being forced to give up his profession. When local police ask him to help solve a murder case, his past plagues him, and he has to make a decision to turn away or return to his old life. Sounds like a good ol’ juicy cop procedural to me. / SB

The films

They Cloned Tyrone (on Netflix from July 21)

Oh, this sounds like fun! John Boyega, Teyonah Parris and Jamie Foxx star as an unlikely trio who are trying to uncover a government cloning conspiracy. They Cloned Tyrone was conceived as a genre-busting homage to the Blaxpoitation films of the 1970s. with elements of satire, horror and absurdist humour. It looks silly, it looks funny, and it looks exactly the right amount of wild that I want from a midwinter film. / SB

Julie and Julia (on TVNZ+ from July 19)

Meanwhile, Julie and Julia feels like the literal opposite of They Cloned Tyrone. If you’re not familiar with this 2009 film that garnered Meryl Streep another Oscar nomination for playing legendary TV chef Julia Child, it follows Child as she finds her way to French cooking, and a 2000s blogger named Julie, played by Amy Adams, who decides to cook her way through Child’s book as her life falls apart. It’s a wholesome, great watch, but be warned that the Streep half of the film is miles better than the other half. / SB

The Whale (on TVNZ+ from July 19)

Did you really want to see the film that got Brendan Fraser an Academy Award but was turned off because it looked relentlessly depressing and potentially problematic? Well, watching it on demand probably isn’t going to stop it from being either of those things, but at least now you don’t have to pay for it. / SB


July 19

The (Almost) Legends

The Deepest Breath

July 20

Sweet Magnolias: Season 3

Supa Team 4

July 21

They Cloned Tyrone


July 18

Section 8

House Party

Black Adam

July 19

Ocean’s 8

July 21

In the Heart of the Sea

July 23



July 18

The Chemistry of Death

Baby Driver

July 19

The Whale


Julie and Julia

Eat Pray Love

July 20

Totally Completely Fine


July 19

The Bear: Season 2

Justified: Primeval City

When Sharks Attack… and Why

Prime Video

July 21

Made in Heaven: Season 2

Apple TV+

July 21

Stephen Curry: Underrated




July 17

The Chronical Mysteries

July 21



July 17

The Chronical Mysteries

July 21


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