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Pop CultureFebruary 21, 2017

Telly, telly on the wall, who has the luckiest charm of all?


With Stan Lee’s Lucky Man returning to Lightbox at the end of the week, we round up the luckiest charms of the big and small screen.

If you haven’t seen it already, Stan Lee’s Lucky Man takes a step away from the explosive Marvel cinematic universe to gloomy Londontown, where James Nesbitt (the bloke from Cold Feet) plays Detective Harry Clayton. Battling a severe gambling addiction, Clayton’s luck improves when he is given a MAGICAL BRACELET from a MYSTERIOUS WOMAN after a one night stand.

With Detective Clayton’s fate in the balance of bewitched bangle, we got thinking about other good (or bad) luck charms that have attached themselves to various TV and movie characters over the years. Step under that ladder with your umbrella open inside, it’s time to find the finest cursed charms to add to your collection.

1) Lucky jewellery, obviously

Pros: As Lucky Man has shown, lucky jewellery instantly lifts an everyday fashion look, just look at the way Detective Clayton’s suit pops against the shimmering bronze. Beautiful. 

Cons: If you can’t take it off, good luck playing social sport/getting through airport security hassle-free ever again.

2) Lucky Underpants

Pros: Very easy to hide under all your normal clothes without anyone suspecting why you keep winning all your scratchies.

Cons: A logistical washing nightmare if you need the luck for more than one day in a row. Think of the power bill. 

3) Unlucky Tiki

Pros: Joining a canon of great comedies such as The Brady Bunch and Scrubs, both of which have enjoyed the hilarious hijinks of being near a vengeful cursed Tiki.

Cons: Go to cultural appropriation jail immediately.

4) The number 13

Pros: Despite Friday the 13th making everyone scared to sit pensively in a dinghy ever again, it’s famously A LOT cheaper to fly anywhere on Friday 13.

Cons: Taylor Swift and everything about Taylor Swift

5) A humble lucky penny

Pros: Inconspicuous, tuck it into any humble wallet or purse and go about your business

Cons: Incredibly easy to accidentally spend. Also, look what happened to Harvey Dent’s face in The Dark Knight. Not ideal. 

Bonus con: Stan Lee is the master of the Marvel universe and we just heavily referenced DC material.

6) Lucky… sex skills?

Pro: Any time you have sex with someone, they find their true love soon after, which means everyone wants to have sex with you.

Con: It’s a terrible movie with a terrible premise and if you’re Dane Cook, you’ll slither into obscurity soon after.

7) The final frontier: making your own luck

Pros: No need to carry any kind of pesky totems around, won’t have to empty your pockets at airport security. Shows confidence and self-assurance.

Cons: A philosophy embraced by both Tony Soprano (The Sopranos) and Harvey Specter (Suits). Tony Soprano had to murder a lot of people and Harvey Specter hired a fake lawyer who then went to jail for a bit. Is that lucky or… bad?

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man season 2 comes to Lightbox on Friday. Click below to test your luck with season one

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