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Pop CultureApril 21, 2016

Video: the last Animorphs mystery solved by star Shawn Ashmore


In town to promote the new Xbox game Quantum Break, Canadian actor Shawn Ashmore also lifted the lid on his early acting career on Animorphs. José Barbosa gets the scoop on how to portray a teenage alien invasion fighter with the power to change into animals.

For a larger group of people who existed as teenagers in the 90s the YA bookseries Animorphs was required reading. The books followed the adventures of a group of American teenagers who, using their alien bestowed powers to morph into any animal, fought a ongoing secret alien invasion.

It even had a short lived TV series where Shawn Ashmore (Xmen, Quantum Break, The Following) cut his teeth as an actor. Watch the video below to learn what it was like being a teenage actor, why the TV series still has it fans, and the correct acting technique to use in a TV title sequence. (NB: we don’t think Shawn smells.)

More Shawn and José: A video game acting masterclass with Quantum Break’s Shawn Ashmore

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