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Alice Snedden (Photo: FIRST)
Alice Snedden (Photo: FIRST)

Pop CultureSeptember 21, 2022

Alice Snedden’s bird news

Alice Snedden (Photo: FIRST)
Alice Snedden (Photo: FIRST)

The comedian tells FIRST about being complicit in the death of a budgie.

First pet

“There was a budgie that died of hypothermia. We killed it. We were playing soccer inside and a ball hit its cage and water fell on the budgie. We tried to keep it warm and dry and it didn’t make it. What’s really sad is that my house burnt down when I was two years old and the budgie survived that, only to die by hypothermia. Awful stuff.”

First fashion decision

“Wetting my hair and then combing it back and then leaving a thick strip down the middle, but combing the sides down. It was horrific.”

First heckle

“I was doing Raw and I made a joke about masturbating and he said something along the lines of, ‘But you can’t masturbate, you wear cardigans.’ I can’t remember the logic of it. I was like, ‘It’s never gotten in the way before!’”

First flatmate from hell

“In my second year at Otago I flatted with a girl who was upset that I was baking bread because it was using the oven, which was driving up our electricity bill. So she asked if I would pay $2.50 each time I baked bread. And I think I was like… ‘No.’”

First police encounter

“I think it was when I was doing a bucky on the side of the river in Dunedin and some cops came up to me and they were like, ‘Come on now.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, fair enough.’”

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