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Pop CultureApril 22, 2024

New to streaming: What to watch on Netflix NZ, Neon and more this week


We round up everything coming to streaming services this week, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Apple TV+, ThreeNow, Neon and TVNZ+.

If you love a good cry: All of Us Strangers (Disney+)

It’s the dreamlike, emotional film that had viewers running from the cinema in floods of tears, and now you can bawl your way through All of Us Strangers from the comfort of your own couch. Andrew Scott (Fleabag) plays Adam, a lonely man who has a chance encounter one night with Harry (Normal People’s Paul Mescal). Their relationship sets him on a path to revisit the memories of his childhood and his parents, who died 30 years earlier. Buy extra tissues.

If you give love a bad name: Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story (Disney+, April 26)

“I remember writing Living on a Prayer and not thinking much of it,” Jon Bon Jovi reveals in Disney+’s new four-party documentary series, which charts the extraordinary rise and fall of 1980s American rock band Bon Jovi. Expect plenty of archival footage, nostalgic insights and present-day interviews with members of the band, as well as other music superstars like Bruce Springsteen in this big energy, big hair docuseries.  

If you love true crime: The Jinx Part Two (Neon, April 23)

You might remember the 2015 HBO documentary series The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst, which investigated the unsolved criminal cases involving real estate millionaire Robert Durst (and featured one heck of a final episode). Nearly a decade later, The Jinx: Part Two revisits the story, focusing on the people who helped Durst get away with his crimes. Expect more twists and turns about this curious case. (Season one is also on Neon.)

If you love a local series full of community and heart: Food Rescue Kitchen (ThreeNow, April 27)

With approximately one third of all our food ending up in landfill annually, there’s no better time for ThreeNow’s heartwarming and inspiring new series. Hosted by food influencer and home baker Naomi Toilalo, Food Rescue Kitchen challenges a top chef to create a three course meal for the community out of rescued food. Chefs like Peter Gordon, Mike Van de Elzen and Michelin Green Star chef Chantelle Nicholson must each tackle a unique kitchen challenge, using food and ingredients that might have otherwise ended up as waste. After this, you’ll definitely think twice about chucking out that limp two-week-old carrot. 

If you love bleak Irish comedy: The Dry (TVNZ+)

A second season of this quiet but charming comedy-drama drops on TVNZ+ this week, picking up the messy life of alcoholic Siobhan as she moves home to Ireland to try and give up drinking. With a family that isn’t especially supportive of her sobriety, Shiv must rebuild her life, mend relationships and confront her past decisions. It might not sound too cheery, but The Dry is filled with bittersweet humour and sharp writing, and it’s the kind of series you could happily binge your way through one wet Sunday afternoon. 

The rest


Ahead of the Curve (April 22)

Cocomelon Lane (April 22)

Fern Brady Autistic Bikini Queen (April 22)

Brigands The Quest for Gold (April 23)

Fight for Paradise: Who Can you Trust? (April 23)

Deliver Me (April 24)

TLC Forever (April 24)

City Hunter (April 25)

Escape from Extinction (April 25)

Face to Face (April 25)

The Doomsday Cult of Antares de la Luz (April 25)

Siksa Neraka (April 25)

Deadboy Detectives (April 26)

Good Bye Earth (April 26)

Hack your Health: The Secrets of the Gut (April 26)

Real Estate Sisters (April 26)

The Asunta Case (April 26)

Unchartered (April 27)


Bluey (April 22)

The Great Climate Fight (April 22)

Mt Hutt Rescue (April 23)

The Dry S2 (April 23)

Anatomy of a Fall (April 24)

George Clarke’s Adventures in Americana (April 24)

All Blacks at War (April 25)

Boat Story (April 26)

Knuckles (April 26)

The Big Interiors Battle (April 26)


Orlando Bloom: To The Edge (April 23)

Food Rescue Kitchen (April 27)


Tiger (April 22)

Secrets Of The Octopus (April 22)

All of Us Strangers (April 24)

House Of The Owl: Season 1 (April 24)

The Beach Boys (April 24)

Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story (April 26)

Prime Video

Miss Sloane (April 23)

Them: The Scare S1-2 (April 25)

Comedy Class (April 26)

Which Brings Me To You (April 26)

Acma Game (April 26)

American Ultra (April 28)


On The Roam (April 22)

The Jinx Part Two (April 23)

Night Court S2 (April 24)

Quacks (April 30)

Shampoo (April 23)

Tommy (April 23)

Dracula: Voyage Of The Demeter (April 25)

White House Down (April 26)

Mercy Road (April 28)

Apple TV+ 

The Big Door Prize S2 (April 24)

Shudder / AMC+

Infested (April 26)

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