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Pop CultureMarch 23, 2017

Watch: Repressed Memories #4 – The Ferndale Strangler still slays


Please enjoy the final episode (for now) of our online series Repressed Memories, wherein James Mustapic revisits weird local shows from his childhood (click here to watch episode one on Sensing Murderepisode two on Sticky TV and episode three on NZ Idol)

When I was in my tween prime, Shortland Street was also in its prime. I was completely obsessed in 2007, and everyone in my intermediate school classroom had their own predictions of who the Ferndale Strangler was.

I can’t really tell if it’s the fact that I was a tween at the time of watching – or if Shortland Street was actually just better in those days – but I don’t care. I have mostly retired from watching Shortland Street these days, but if there was another Ferndale serial killer I’d be hooked back in faster than you can say “Guatemala”.

Making a video covering arguably the the two best years of Shortland Street was quite hard, I hope that I have done it even a little bit of justice. There was so much I didn’t have time to mention – the iconic Alice Piper, Craig Valentine (RIP), not to mention Scotty and Shanti, the cutest couple of all time. There was just so much to talk about, so many amazing characters and thrilling storylines. Just please watch the episode.

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