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Pop CultureFebruary 24, 2016

Podcast: TV Mum, Episode 4 – Dianne enthuses over Defiance and Grant Bowler’s stubble


Welcome to TV Mum, a weekly podcast starring Brendon Green and his Mum, Dianne. Every week Brendon will try and get Dianne to remember the details of a TV show she’s recently watched. The resulting discussion is a journey through Dianne’s shaky memory and never ends up where you’d expect.

According to Dianne there’s plenty to love about the now sadly defunct science fiction series (and video game) Defiance. There’s also plenty to love about NZ actor Grant Bowler’s stubble and general physical appearance which Dianne seems to talk about quite a lot. Brendon is nonplussed.

As with all our TV coverage this podcast has been made possible by the support of Lightbox, go get your free 30 day trial now and live the dream. Click below to watch Defiance right bloody now.


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