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Pop CultureSeptember 25, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Kimbra on What Now?


Every Thursday we trawl the internet for golden nuggets of New Zealand nostalgia. This week we found rare footage of pop megastar Kimbra, giving it heaps on a children’s TV show. //

What Now? ran a series of segments called “Do Your Thing” in the early 2000s, where a sassy kid host would investigate a particular job or industry. One of them looked at the NZ music industry, and what it takes to get a pop song recorded. Our fitting host for this? None other than an 11 year-old Kimbra.

The whole segment is available to watch on here on NZ On Screen, and it’s worth a look. Judging by her bold intro statement of, “I’m Kimbra and one day I’d love to be a pop star,” the signs of stardom were definitely there from a young age. What a little fame warrior. Please also note how her jerky presentation style indicates early stages of what would become her signature ‘electrocution dance’.

Settle down and check out our girl Kimbra laying down a track – back when she would have first discovered 90’s music.

What Now airs on Sundays at 8.00am on TV2. Could pay to keep an eye it – who knows what mini-superstars lurk under those layers of Gunge (assuming they still use Gunge).

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