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All the ways that The Path is DEFINITELY NOT about Scientology at all


People keep saying The Path is a TV show about Scientology. Hayden Donnell sets out to demolish these false prophets and their suppressive allegations.

Last weekend I snuck into Scientology’s new headquarters in Auckland. During my two hours inside, I was infused with new depths of knowledge about the perils of psychiatry, the drugs enslaving us all, and the path across the Bridge to Total Freedom. I watched the ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion, David Miscavige, up close, and saw his teeth gleam like a tunnel to heaven.

That’s why I’m here to set the record straight about The Path.


People keep saying this show is about Scientology. It features Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul as a husband questioning the teachings of his religious sect, which is known as Meyerism. Michelle Monaghan plays his more spiritually devoted, and increasingly suspicious, wife.

The lying MSM says it has a lot of parallels to the intriguing science-based religion followed by celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Giovanni Ribisi, and Kirstie Alley. Show creator Jessica Goldberg was recently forced to set the record straight. “The Internet is full of misinformation,” she claimed, saying Meyerism was her attempt to invent an “ideal” faith.

That should have settled things once and for all, but people kept insisting Goldberg was only issuing her denial to avoid a lawsuit from a notoriously litigious Los Angeles-based religious sect. Those rumours are of course 100% false! Scientology would never sue a creative like Goldberg or Hayden Donnell, please. The Path is a show about faith. A show about love. A show about getting blowjobs in a chapel.


One thing it definitely is NOT, is a show about Scientology. Just look at the evidence.

Different symbols

This is the symbol of Meyerism.


As you can see it’s very different to the symbol of Scientology.


One is based on a circle. The other is based on triangles.

There are no similarities.

Different Founders

In The Path, Meyerism is founded on the teachings of Dr Steven Meyer: an enigmatic visionary who wrote the sect’s founding document The Ladder. Its acolytes believe his teachings are infallible; that he is somehow blessed by the Divine light. However, it later emerges Meyer is secretly dying.

That may sound like Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard, a science fiction author who wrote Scientology’s founding document Dianetics. But think about it. L Ron Hubbard is dead, not dying.
Quite different!

Different Leaders

In Meyer’s absence, Meyerism is driven forward by a highly ambitious, shiny-toothed leader called Cal Roberts, played by Hugh Dancy.


Roberts is violent; prone to punching people who displease him.

In the absence of L Ron Hubbard, Scientology has been driven forward by a highly ambitious, shiny-toothed leader called David Miscavige.

He’s been accused of punching employees who displease him. However, no-one’s filmed David Miscavige punching someone and put it on a TV show created by Hulu and shown on He’s denied all the allegations against him. Also he’s named David, not Cal.

Different Books

Meyerism’s Bible is called The Ladder. To progress in the religion, you have to advance up through the rungs of the ladder.

Scientology’s Bible is called Dianetics. To progress in the religion, you have to advance through the levels of Operating Thetan and cross the Bridge to Total Freedom.

Ladders go up.

Bridges go across.

Different Stances on Medicine

Meyerism is anti-medicine, with adherents blaming many of the world’s ills on rogue doctors.

Scientology is anti-psychiatry. Its disciples believe psychiatrists are poisoning the world by shackling them to drug addictions. At the opening of the church’s Auckland Ideal Org, Miscavige joked about not suffering psychiatrists to operate “above the ground”, which would leave them free to work only in wells or gold mines.

The point is Scientologists are opposed to psychiatrists, which is different to being opposed to doctors.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 7.04.07 am

Different approaches to former followers

Meyerism ruthlessly pursues and harrasses former followers who turn against the church.

Why are you saying that sounds like Scientology? That’s nothing like Scientology. I’ve told you The Path isn’t based on Scientology.

Your constant allegations are starting to really disappoint both me and series creator Jessica Goldberg, who has repeatedly and very clearly stated her show is NOT based on Scientology.

I’ve spelled out the differences for you.

I’ve given you a chance.

If you’re going to carry on this way, I’m sorry but I have no choice. Unfortunately I’m going to have to declare you a suppressive person.

Please leave this article immediately.

The Path is NOT about Scientology but the second season IS returning to Lightbox tonight…


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