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Pop CultureJanuary 27, 2020

The Real Pod: Art Green dissects episode one of The Bachelorette NZ


In this very special episode of The Real Pod, Art Green joins us to yarn about The Bachelorette NZ premiere. Brought to you by our friends at Nandos

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It’s been five years in the making, but we finally got Art Green on our podcast. Joining us fresh out of episode one of The Bachelorette NZ, the host himself helps us recap every inch of the premiere from first arrivals to cocktail tensions. He tells us just how cold it was when Lesina met the lads, which guys were full-blown pick-up artists and flags some extreme nudity coming down the pipe. He also answers the big questions: Who is there for the right reasons? What is Elliott like in real life? And how’s the extreme alpha dog energy?

All that, and a prized artefact from episode one is donated to The Real Pod museum. What could it be? To listen use the player below or download this episode (right click and save). Feel free to subscribe via Apple PodcastsRSS or your favourite podcast client, and be sure to get involved on social media using #realpod

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