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Pop CultureFebruary 27, 2018

Bargain: cancelled TVNZ drama Filthy Rich has joined Trade Me to sell some very fancy stuff

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The Filthy Rich Trade Me account reveals an embarrassment of riches, discovers Alex Casey. 

In a discovery more intriguing than when Gloriavale was flogging bulk Geisha wigs and a haunted goat named Hector, the people behind Filthy Rich have started a Trade Me account to sell off their opulent wares. The account filthy-rich, registered under the Filthy character surname Truebridge, was started in February 2018. In a challenging Jim & Andy-style blend of fact and fiction, Truebridge’s occupation is listed as “Producers of the TVNZ2 show FILTHY RICH.”

Me, trying to find something I can afford in the Filthy Rich listings

With the first season of Filthy Rich receiving $8,125,000 of NZ On Air funding, and then falling on the bones of its arse with a measly $6,896,419 for season two, even just a few Trade Me listings provide a glimmer of insight into the big spending that went into one of New Zealand’s most ambitious and expensive television dramas. “We’re selling items from two series of NZ’s top rated show,” they claim, another blend of fact (selling) and fiction (top-rated). “Clothes. Props. Set Dressings and Furnishings. Check out our updated listings.” 

And where does the potential thousands of dollars in auction money go? We have asked the seller the question, but a representative from NZ On Air confirmed to The Spinoff that a portion of any income gained from their productions should eventually funnel back to them. “If the clothes were bought for the production, we would expect to get a little bit of money back… maybe we can even hold off on the funding round sausage sizzle this year.” Without further ado, here are some of the pricey pieces of TV history that you can take home for yourself.  

This bonkers lampshade

Nothing screams wealth like a lampshade that looks like it was crafted by local artisan Sally Ridge and originally retailed for $790, the price of flying to Honolulu from Auckland. Grab yours for a pittance at a buy now price of $395.

This papery, papery art

For $35 – one of the cheapest items available – you could own this ‘fish scale paper art’ fresh off the wall in Kennedy’s bedroom and “as seen on Pintrest!” You know what else is as seen on Pintrest? This.  

For something a bit sexy…

This headboard retailed for $580 and is in “okay” condition ;)

Dolce & Gabbana dress

In case there was any doubt that the whopper budget over two seasons was going to waste, I present ye this. With a $350 buy now price, this silk organza, made in Italy, Dolce & Gabbana dress is the priciest clothing item on the menu and I actually sort of want it.

But wait, there’s more

Beyond the D&G dress, there is nary a Shanton nor a Postie Plus to be found. Luxury, luxury as far as the eye can see. Gucci. Lanvin. Isabel Marant. Fashion. Buy up all their designer dresses on the spot for well over a thousand buckaroos and swan straight to the bank to loudly, proudly declare bankruptcy.

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