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Pop CultureMay 27, 2024

New to streaming: What to watch on Netflix NZ, Neon and more this week


We round up everything coming to streaming services this week, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Apple TV+, ThreeNow, Neon and TVNZ+.

If you love crime and puppetry: Eric (Netflix, May 30)

Benedict Cumberbatch plays a puppeteer and parent pushed to the brink in Eric, Netflix’s big new scripted release of the week. Created by Abi Morgan (The Hour, The Iron Lady, The Split), the psychological thriller follows Vincent, a children’s show creator who starts to unravel after the kidnapping of his son, and his determination to bring his son’s favourite monster to life in an attempt to get him home. Early reviews are saying the series hosts some of the most “idiosyncratic and striking” TV moments of the year so far.

If you love nostalgia and puppetry: Jim Henson Idea Man (Disney+, May 31)

If you prefer your puppet content to be a little more on the whimsical side, Disney’s much-anticipated Jim Henson documentary also arrives this week. Director Ron Howard pieces together the fascinating origin story and limitless imagination of the Muppets visionary, blending archival footage with present day talking heads. Packed with inspiration, nostalgia and ending with an allegedly “heart-shredding finale“, this is for anyone who can’t make it through ‘Rainbow Connection’ without sobbing.

If you love local music: The 2024 Aotearoa Music Awards (RNZ, May 30)

The Beths at Auckland Town Hall. (Photo: Supplied)

NZ Music Month is coming to an end, and what better way to celebrate than by blobbing out while watching a bunch of glammed-up New Zealand musicians win awards on the Viaduct? Hosted by Jesse Mulligan and Kara Rickard, the awards night will also feature new categories including Te Tino Waiata Iti Rearea o te Tau (Breakthrough Single) and Te Iti Rearea o te Tau (Breakthrough Artist of the Year) as well as Te Manu Mātārae, a new award for artists that have made a significant impact on the music landscape over the last year.

If you love internet drama: Dancing for The Devil: The TikTok Cult (Netflix, May 29)

An intriguing new true crime watch for people who are into cults, viral trends and internet culture. The blurb is pretty simple: “after TikTok dancers join a management company and its associated church, unsettling details about the founder and their dark realities come to light” – but a quick scroll of the comments section on YouTube reveals there might be even more internet drama within the drama. We suggest you tie yourself to something before diving into this rabbit hole, for there may be no return.

If you love a British cop procedural: The Responder S2 (TVNZ+, June 2)

We loved the first season of The Responder, a British police procedural set in Liverpool following Martin Freeman as a haggard copper living on the edge. “The Responder is the perfect TV package – fast paced and tightly scripted, plenty of twists and turns, and some dark humour chucked in for good measure,” wrote Tara Ward. “The supporting cast is solid and the tension high, but it’s Freeman’s captivating performance that will stay with you long after the show ends.”

The Rest


Dancing for The Devil: The Tik Tok Cult (May 29)

The Live You Wanted (May 29)

The Titan Games (May 29)

The Vow (May 29)

‘71 (May 29)

Bionic (May 29)

Colours of Evil Red (May 29)

Eric (May 30)

Geek Girl (May 30)

Family of Two (May 30)

How to Ruin Love: The Proposal (May 31)

Scavengers Rein (May 31)

Korean Fried Chicken Rhapsody (May 31)

Hotel Artemis (May 31)

Five Nights at Freddy’s (May 31)

Buckley’s Chance (May 31)

Kesari (May 31)

Charging Card (May 31)

A Part of You (May 31)

Raising Voices (May 31)

Buried: The Alpine Meadows Avalanche (June 1)

New Amsterdam S4 (June 1)

Too Old for Fairy Tales 2 (June 1)

Lumberjack The Monster (June 1)

Pilecki’s Report (June 1)

Cold Copy (June 1)

The Giants (June 1)

Black Clover S3 (June 1)

Shooting Stars (June 2)


Zuckerberg: King of the Metaverse (May 28)

James Blunt: One Brit Wonder (May 30)

So Help Me Todd S2 (May 31)

Sexy Beast (May 31)

Aotearoa Music Awards (May 31)

Alone S10 (June 1)

Al Brown’s Tipping Point Adventure (June 1)

The Responder S2 (June 2)


Fallen Idols: Nick and Aaron Carter (May 29)

Last Laughs (May 30)

Blue Lights S2 (June 2)


Tropic Thunder (May 27)

The Equalizer 3 (May 29)

Endeavour S9 (May 29)

The Equaliser 3 (May 29)

Angels in America (May 30)

Five Nights at Freddy’s (May 31)

The Inventor (May 31)

Summit Fever (May 31)

War of the Worlds S3 (June 1)

Amulet (June 1)

Linoleum (June 1)

The Portable Door (June 1)

All The Money In The World (June 2)

Marlowe (June 2)

To Leslie (June 2)


Jim Henson Idea Man (May 31)

Prime Video

The Dive (May 28)

The Equaliser 3 (May 28)

The Outlaws S3 (May 31)

Chicago Med S5-7 (June 1)

Lego Ninjago S1-S4 (June 1)

Robocop (1987) (June 1)

Robocop (2014) (June 1)

Robocop 2 (June 1)

Robocop 3 (June 1)

Red Dawn (June 1)

American Ninja (June 1)

American Ninja 2: The Confrontation (June 1)

American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt (June 1)

American Ninja 4: The Annihilation (June 1)

Flesh + Blood (June 1)

Vampire’s Kiss (June 1)

Over The Top (June 1)

Breathless (June 1)

If I Stay (June 1)

No Way Out (June 1)

Rolling Thunder (June 1)

Law & Order: SVU S21-S23 (June 1)

Chicago Fire S8-S10 (June 1)

Chicago Pd S7-S9 (June 1)

Primavera Sound Live – Day 3 (June 1)


Deadly Waters with Captain Lee (June 2)

Apple TV+

Frog and Toad (May 31)


The Truth (May 27, also Acorn TV)

Stopmotion (May 31, also on Shudder)

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