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Randa (Photo: FIRST)
Randa (Photo: FIRST)

Pop CultureJuly 27, 2022

Randa’s dashed dream of becoming a professional wrestler

Randa (Photo: FIRST)
Randa (Photo: FIRST)

The rapper tells FIRST about their short-lived wrestling career, an unwelcome rumour and more.

First gossip you heard about yourself

“The first gossip I heard about myself was that I still used a booster seat, so I really didn’t appreciate it because it was true. I guess a friend of mine told another friend, ‘Oh, they still use a booster seat, what a baby.’ It wasn’t my fault. My mum was overprotective. Because it’s a legality thing! I think my mum just had good foresight. She could tell, ‘Oh, if we crash, this kid’s going to get munted’.”

First live performance

“It would’ve been in the schoolyard when I first rapped. I was just freestyling, putting so-and-so’s name in there, getting the big pops. Yeah, it was quite empowering.”

First thing you wanted to be

I decided I was going to become a professional wrestler. So I went to this training school and I got my ass beat. I just got suplexed.”

First TV ad you remember

“I remember that guy… what was it? Beaurepaires? Beaurepaires tyres? And there was this blond man, and he was quite gentle and charming. I just remember him and his safe image.”

First social media account

“All my friends had Bebo, but they had these cyber safety people come to the school and they said that there was a tonne of cyber bullying on Bebo. And I was terrified of being cyber bullied. So I thought that I’d just get MySpace and then I won’t be able to interact with anyone who knows me in real life. I’ll just talk to these 50-year-old women in Canada.”

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