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Pop CultureMarch 29, 2017

A series of thoughts and feelings from The Mindy Project finale


With The Mindy Project season five coming to an end today, Alex Casey rounds up some reckons from the dramatic finale. Contains spoilers and delicious food.

The Mindy Project remains one of my most reliable sitcoms these days, maintaining my affections where New Girl lost it years ago. It’s a love letter to the modern rom-com, a feast of really great outfits that I’d be way too scared to wear to work and it seems to exist in a world where nothing that bad ever really happens.

It’s the kind of show that I like to watch propped up on the laundry basket whilst I have a bubble bath, but as both a human and a television editor that is something that I cannot recommend unless aided by a medical professional. Today I held off on the bath – saving water and all that – and devoured the season five finale from the comfort of my office desk. Here are some of my (spoiler-filled) reckons.

1) Sorry but I am still wondering what biscuits caught Mindy Kaling’s eye

Before the episode even begins, it’s important to reflect on that crucial time that Mindy Kaling was in New Zealand and took a photo of our humble biscuit aisle. Did she go for a pack of Superwines? Chit Chats? Fruit Pasties? God I hope she didn’t go for Fruit Pasties.

2) Nurse Ben looks so much like Michael Bublé

Maybe I’ve spent too long watching videos of Michael Bublé dancing around a supermarket, but don’t you reckon actor Bryan Greenberg has basically done a face swap with him at birth? Why anyone would dilly dally around marrying a Bublé doppelganger is beyond me.

3) Everyone’s getting married

Just like every person on my Facebook feed, it felt like everyone and their dog is walking away with a princess cut blood diamond ring this episode. Also, is the key to a good proposal to do it whilst wearing a vibrant shade of pink? 

4) But TFW you realise that marriage is for eternity

5) This is product placement, but it is yum

Ever the relatable queen, Mindy rips into an Egg McMuffin in her office for lunch. Sure, it’s 100% without a shadow of a doubt to promote McDonald’s new all day breakfast menu, but it’s also a delicious move that demands your respect.

6) And this dessert is good too…

I suppose you have to have a bit of a sweet tooth when you have a chocolate fountain in your office and host a wedding cake-tasting podcast called ‘Oh No You Fondant!’

7) Morgan remains the King of Comfort

From his endless matching tracksuits to this snuggly looking sleeping-bag-in-office situation, you got to give it to Morgan for keeping things casual, cosy and potentially homeless 24/7. 

8) Great advice from Jeremy for Max Key

“Go with your gut. It’s always worked out for me, except for that year I wore one dangly earring”

9) Mindy is even stupider than me when it comes to TV shows

She’s only just figured out that Maura in Transparent was born a man, so god knows how long it will take her to realise that the show title is a pun. Could be season 12.

10) Every episode of television should end with a big smooch and a Beyoncé song 

I hope we get much, much more Lemonade in season six.

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