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cuties take the plunge
cuties take the plunge

RecapsOctober 2, 2014

MKR Episode 17: Make Every Day Pancake Tuesday

cuties take the plunge
cuties take the plunge
fireman can't take the heat
fireman can’t take the heat

The triumphant Red Team from last night’s ep were able to kick back in a sensual velour booth as the others sweated it out in Kitchen HQ. Losers Sam and Dan were in a separate velour prison. The first challenge was “Match Made in Heaven”, aka choosing two complimentary elements and bunging a dish together in an hour. Ian was freaked out, the only elements he knows is water and fire.

Neena and Belinda were straight in there with the pork and apple, although ideally they would have liked to use an organic cider ingredient with the “mother” still in it for healing properties. Mmm, delicious gourmet mother. Just give me a whole plate of mother. Aaron and Heather went for a beef carpaccio and white bean thing, Dan and Christie went for rack of lamb and mint. Jessie and Ricki went for what can only be described as…pancakes.

cuties take the plunge
cuties take the plunge

Their coffee and chocolate pancake combo proved a challenge in 48 different ways. They didn’t know how to make the coffee in the plunger, so piled the coffee into a glass jug and poured hot water over it. “Does it have s*** through it?” Jessie asked. Yes Jessie, it most definitely has s*** through it. They kept throwing more and more granules in, confused as to why the flavour wasn’t extracting. Meanwhile Ian was manically peeling ginger with a spoon. Fighting fire with fire, in my opinion.

In a sudden twist, Ben announced that they were to ditch their partners, and have only one of them finish the challenge. This is when the heavily aforementioned s*** really hit the fan for Jessie and Ricki. Ricki was left alone to cook the pancakes using a tiny circle mould. It wasn’t going well. They had forgotten to fry the banana. “What about the banana??” screamed Ricki. “F*** the banana!” Jessie yelled back from the sidelines. This, incidentally, was a great episode for swearing:

When it got to judging, the Pancake Pretties were not the only ones to miss the mark. Ian and Sandie failed to meet the brief, with Ian half-heartedly bumbling something about ginger and sesame being their flavour choices, clearly making it up on the spot. Neena and Belinda got in trouble for some after-deadline juggery. Aaron and Heather got told off for making an entree instead of a main. Dan and Christie didn’t use enough mint (they should take a hint from Dai and Dal). The Hippies were the best of the worst, winning the challenge despite breaking the law. And not having their precious mother.</p> <p>The Hippies were safe in velvet luxury whilst the remaining teams went on to the &#8220;Cook That Bird&#8221; challenge, involving a giant whole chicken that they could do <a href="" target="_blank">whatever they like</a> with. Ricki and Jessie looked at each other, &#8220;how do we get the chicken off the chicken?&#8221; Pancakes can&#8217;t save you now ladies. They stood there staring at it, perplexed as to why it still had all it&#8217;s little hairs still on it. Meanwhile Ian and Sandie were whacking out a lemon and thyme number, Aaron and Heather were legging it with big juicy legs, and Dan and Christie had gone straight to Ukraine with a chicken kiev. Jessie and Ricki decided to go straight for the breasts, saying what we were all thinking:</p> <p><iframe loading="lazy" class="vine-embed" src="" width="414" height="414" frameborder="0"></iframe><script src="//" async="" charset="utf-8">

The Corporate Dads were yelling support from the sidelines as Jessie and Ricki got into the chicken zone. They ended up doing great, cooking themselves a right juicy chicken boob. Dan and Christie were not having a blissful honeymoon over in the Ukraine. Their chicken kiev was dry on the inside and sopping on the outside, with only a puny pile of beans accompanying it. Compared to Ian and Sandie’s thyme-ly zesty treat, Aaron and Heather’s Sunday roast and Jessie and Ricki’s juicy breast – The Newlyweds were in big trouble. They lost the challenge, and will face off against Sam and Dan in the first sudden-death round. Should have just made pancakes.

Moral of the story: When in doubt, flop a pancake out.

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