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RecapsOctober 13, 2014

Shorty Street Scandal Episode 17: Harry vs Mayo

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Please enjoy this week’s episode of Shorty Street Scandal, revisiting the past week of Ferndale funny business.

It has obviously been a hard week for Harry, the dude is having a mayonnaise crisis, a playlist crisis and was told to go away by nasty Rachel. He’s obviously picking up some of this stress from Chris, who slept in his clothes in a chair for some reason and then went straight back to work the next day. We’ve all been there mate. Annoying character of the week Jemima is shaking things up on the street. And when I say things, I mean babies. Honor came back from the Islands to slam a little known band called Air Supply and hype up how much she loves to use dental floss.

Leanne update: we are all still waiting with bated breath. Please get in touch if you know of whereabouts. Last known location: “up north”


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