RecapsApril 15, 2015

Shorty Street Scandal: Chris Goes Full Playboy and Muzza Gets on the Email


Please enjoy this excellent episode of Shorty Street Scandal, wherein James Mustapic recaps the past week of Ferndale hijinks. This week? Holiday madness goes completely awry, Chris Warner dresses like a Playboy bunny and TK says no to violence against women:

Terrifyingly, Vinny’s son Michael walked around backwards this week wearing a paper mask, like some mash-up of The Exorcist and a low budget remake of The Mask. Needless to say, Vinny isn’t incredibly switched on when it comes to Backwards Day festivities.


Determined to redeem himself from the embarrassing display of International Backwards Day, Vinny got very egg-cited about Easter and donned a giant rabbit suit. Basically a horrific New Zealand version of Donnie Darko. As if things couldn’t get any darker, Vinny proceeded to be bounded up in bunting and nearly drowned to death in a kiddie pool. All under the watchful gaze of this freak old lady who was chilling in the midst of all the kids for some reason:


Like Jesus himself, Vinny rose from a watery grave – only to be teased mercilessly by his colleagues and so-called ‘friends’. Lucy and her clique wore Bunny ears, and Boyd and Chris did some terribly unsettling gyrations wearing Playboy-style tails. “I might actually take mine home, Rachel secretly liked it I could tell,” Chris said, wrongly.

Over at camp TK, toddler Tilly developed a harrowing drug habit via eating a whole pile of pills out of a kitchen bin. Tilly and my dog have A LOT in common. After that dramatic episode, TK was again left to pick up the pieces of Caleb and Kylie’s massive fight. As called out by James, the writers really got their wires crossed with this one:


Muzza spent a lot of time trying to get Kane’s rugby career started last week, mostly through partaking in gay-friendly sketch comedy and calling it “the email” instead of email. Talking of speaking out of line, Garrett and new face Victoria had an exchange that would send Carrie to prom, if you know what I mean…


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