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RecapsJune 22, 2015

Shorty Street Scandal: Celebrating One Year With Hash Brownies, Alpacas and Stolen Shoes

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Please enjoy this excellent episode of Shorty Street Scandal, wherein James Mustapic recaps the past week of Ferndale hijinks. This week? Pixie goes down in a brownie blaze, Boyd and Harper talk dirty and James celebrates one year of Shorty Street Scandal:

Rampant leg cancer aside, Pixie has been living a pretty cruisey life in Ferndale. She gets personal visits from the hunks of the Wellington Phoenix, and hash brownies delivered straight to her door. Unfortunately, the chocolate chill-out treats were not to last, and her family was evicted from their home for their illegal drug habits. Never to speak of their beloved Mary Jane, or make note of 4.20 on the clock ever again.

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If there’s one place where the weed fiends can rest this week – it’s the Warner Estate. Chris and Rachel received a frantic call from Harry, who has lost his shoes in Australia. “You can’t be barefoot in Australia!” Chris yelled, as Harry gently disgraced the Warner name with his assumedly frightening fused-together toes across the ditch. This is a surely a bigger shoe-related story line than when Harry threw his soccer boots at Chris. Surely.


Talking of naughty boys, Boyd’s naughty moment came this week when he took a break from 3D printing a man’s face to have some dirty talk with Harper. Only it was less dirty talk, more animal planet. Harper has started calling him an alpaca, which seemed very confusing at first.

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But a side-by-side comparison makes perfect sense.

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In other naughty news, Kane has been pashing his PE teacher Bobby in the bushes at school. Not only is that a terrible and illegal student/teacher breach, but it has caused Kane to say some truly horrific things out loud.

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Someone who is definitely not lovesick this week is Bella, who seems to actively hate her unborn child already. Lamenting to Lucy about wanting to run as far away as possible from her Jimmy spawn, Bella seems to have forgotten the tiny detail that the child is inside her body. Things could get awkward come birth time, so stay tuned for that.


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