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RecapsSeptember 29, 2014

Shorty Street Scandal Episode 15: Pork Chops in the Pool


This week’s episode of Shorty Street Scandal is jam-packed with equally sexy and hilarious moments from Ferndale. Harry outdoes himself on the insult front by tell a small defenceless child that he has a lead role in Night of the Living Dorks. Garret and Kylie handcuff themselves to the bed in some sort of 50 Shades of Grey’s Anatomy mash-up. Dayna tells a tear-jerking tale of how to lose friends and ruin a lovely plate of pork chops. Evan straddles the line between wanting to be a father and laughing raucously at the word “midwifery” for one hundred years.

Coincidentally and unfortunately, Evan also gets dumped.

Tune in to Shortland Street on TV2 tonight at 7pm to see what on earth could possibly happen next.

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