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SocietyFebruary 20, 2017

The Spinoff reviews New Zealand #2: Auckland Transport double decker bus


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Last year I was a Sandringham resident and caught the 233/243/249 to and from work. There’s nothing special about this route or those buses. Once a week I would need to get to the North Shore after work and I would ride my motorbike. But one day the stars aligned, and I found myself on the double decker Northern Express bus for the first time. To ride a double decker bus is a pleasure. To ride a double decker bus without expecting it is akin to a surprise trip to Disneyland.

It was a trip from childlike wonder to pure jadedness when I had to transfer back to the shockingly ordinary 249 bus. Follow my emotional journey in my Snapchat story, uploaded to YouTube below for bus lovers everywhere to enjoy.

This year I’m a Mt Eden resident and regularly catch a double decker on my daily commute. It’s still a thrill to ascend that tiny staircase, but there’s nothing like your first time. /Madeleine Chapman,

The song ‘Casey Jones’ used with permission by Great North. Feature image courtesy of


Verdict: The most fun you can have on a commute to work.

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