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SocietyAugust 22, 2020

‘Lockdown is a bit boring’: 10 Auckland kids on being back in level three

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How do the youngest members of our team of five million feel about the Covid-19 resurgence?

When photographer Sonya Nagels had to explain to her kids that they were back in lockdown, she was struck by how much they understood. Lockdown, social distancing, masks, outbreaks, viruses – they knew all the jargon. Sonya asked a few more kids – at a distance of two or more metres – what their thoughts were on the current lockdown.

Photo: Sonya Nagels

Mae, 7 years

We are in lockdown because a family has coronavirus and we can be safe. We made some cookies but then Mum ate them all.

Photo: Sonya Nagels

Iggy, 6 years

Lockdown means we can’t go to school. You have to go on lots of walks and bike rides. You have to do social distancing. Social distancing means you have to have two metres in between you and you can’t go to parks. You can’t have playdates. You can’t have fun. Well, you can have a bit of fun but you can’t have much.

Photo: Sonya Nagels

Sia, 6 years

Lockdown is a bit boring but sometimes I go outside and play football. I miss going to my friends’ houses.

Photo: Sonya Nagels

Kobe, 8 years

There was an outbreak. When something or a virus gets out and then it spreads and the rest of the world goes into lockdown. NZ is doing a good job because we have less cases. It’s boring and it sux cause you can’t get out and about and see friends. You have to be locked up in your house for days, but at least you can go for exercise. You get to be on devices more!

Photo: Sonya Nagels

Tama, 7 years

I like lockdown ’cause I don’t get to go to school. But I can’t see my other friends and my cousins.

Photo: Sonya Nagels

Amba, 9 years

Lockdown is a little bit fun and a little weird because we are doing homeschooling. And homeschool is stressful at home because I’ve got a sister instead of my classmates. But you get to stay at home all day and wear whatever clothes you want.

Peniamina, 8 years

Coronavirus makes people sick and die. We are in lockdown so we don’t get sick. 

Max, 8 years

When two people come into contact, the person who didn’t have it gets it from the person who had it. It comes in through your mouth and your nose. You have trouble with your breathing. Masks protect you from Covid and you don’t want Covid so of course, you want to wear a mask. 

Photo: Sonya Nagels

Sadie, 7 years

Coronavirus is dangerous and some people have got it. You wear a mask and do social distancing. And wash your hands! I probably wash them 20 times a day. I like getting to do online learning. What I don’t like? Probably that Dad is on a screen all day. He’s working. He works and he watches episodes!

Photo: Sonya Nagels

Beau, 10 years

I miss seeing my friends but I also like staying at home and seeing my family a lot more. Jacinda is making sure everyone stays safe and stays home. I think it’s a good idea.

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