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SportsSeptember 9, 2015

Golfer of the Week: Meet Tony Finau, the Spinoff’s inaugural Golf Legend


There are approximately three million golfers active on the PGA tour. We know the big names – the Spieths, the McIlroys, the Days – and they’re all well and good. But who are the cool, funny, and weird golfing legends hiding down the card, the ones we can really get behind? Is there a golf goth? Does anyone on the tour have a man bun or play in a fedora? We want to find out so we can claim them as our own when they end up winning the Masters.

The inaugural Spinoff Golfer of the Week was suggested by the golf experts at Coliseum Sports. His name alone sounds like a guy who might have played a season at lock for the Warriors in about 1998. This is exactly what we are looking for.


Tony Finau’s Spinoff Golf Legends CV:

  • The first golfer of Tongan and American Samoan descent to play on the PGA Tour.
  • Had a college basketball scholarship but passed it up to go pro at golf.
  • His second cousin is hot NBA sophomore Jabari Parker.
  • Played on a tour called the ‘Hooters Tour’ on his way up the golfing ladder.
  • Has had a hugely promising first year on the PGA Tour this year with five top 10 finishes.

Age: 24

From: Salt Lake City, Utah

Official World Golf Ranking: 80th

Strength: Finau’s powerful drive – his average driving distance of 309.2 yards is 7th longest on the PGA Tour – means he can hit the par 4 green off the tee by clearing a whole forest of trees, like a real-life version of my character when I used to play the Microsoft Golf demo for hours every day after school.


Weakness: Like any big hitter accuracy can sometimes get Finau in trouble. All part of the fun though right.


Career moment: Finau’s only career win so far was the 2014 Stonebrae Classic on the Tour. He finished in a tie for 10th at the PGA Championship and 14th at the US Open this year.

YouTube moment: Stars in this promo vid for sponsor Callaway Golf where he advocates practicing your drive by drilling golf balls at your unsuspecting work colleagues. Seems chill.


Style guide: His classic outfit seems to be a lime green polo paired with a black, flat-peaked Callaway baseball cap. Solid look.
Social media power: Recent activity on his Twitter includes multiple displays of Utah college football fandom, a cute pic of one of his kids and a RT of an inspirational tweet from a fake Macklemore account.

To watch Tony Finau crush big drives all season long head to NZ’s home of live PGA Tour Golf,

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