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SportsSeptember 18, 2015

Back of the ‘Net: Who’s Stoke’s Best Baker? – The Week in Premier League Twitter

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It’s been a busy old week in Premier League twitter with the first round of Champions League football to play in or watch on telly, but there’s still been time for the important things – celebrity haircuts, European basketball mania, and a competition to find Stoke’s best baker.

Premier League Pun of the Week

A long-running Twitter saga this week involved Arsenal gloveman Petr Cech trying to figure out how many clean sheets he had. There were more twists and turns than a bloody Agatha Christie, but in the process Cech revealed himself to be in the 1% of footballers capable of executing a successful pun.

Premier League Basketballer of the Week

The European basketball championships, the perfectly-named EuroBasket, have been responsible for some great tweeting by the Premier League’s continental stars this week. This is just an absolutely perfect tweet.

Meanwhile Everton’s Gerard Deulofeu decided to try that thing he’d heard about where you stand in front of the TV at midnight and tweet #EuroBasket2015 three times – holy shit, it worked!

Premier League Birthday Present of the Week

Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny celebrate his 30th birthday this week with the gift of an incredibly fancy bespoke foosball table.

Premier League Baker of the Week

Not being involved in European football can be a blessing in disguise, letting clubs do cool things like find out which of their players is the best at baking. Congratulations then to Bojan Krkic – Jamie Oliver’s good and all but could he bake a loaf of bread on a wet windy Tuesday night in Stoke?

Crouchy’s avin’ his hair cut

No sign of Peter Crouch at the Battle of the Bakers, probably too busy getting his barnet trimmed by a bloke whose Twitter bio states he is a ‘celebrity hairdresser’ – a very cool thing to be. Anyway, forget about baking, Crouchy’s always been more of a nachos man.

Worst Photo of the Week

Classic example of the ‘for insurance purposes’ genre of photography. In the event that Romelu Lukaku’s telly gets stolen, or somebody accuses him of not supporting the boys, he’s covered himself adequately.

Best Photo of the Week

Technically outside of the Premier League twitter remit but look, some rules are worth breaking if there’s a photo of Ronaldo riding a Segway at Burning Man on the line.

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