Everything you need, every day.
Everything you need, every day.

The BulletinAugust 16, 2018

Get people to sign up to The Bulletin and win cool stuff

Everything you need, every day.
Everything you need, every day.

If you’re a fan of the Bulletin, help us bring our daily curated guide of the most important NZ news to a wider audience. And, we’ll give you some sweet prizes too. 

Since The Bulletin was launched around the start of the year, we’ve had thousands of people sign up. Hundreds of people have got in touch to say they love it and how much they get out of it, and there’s been a few bits of more robust feedback too of course.

It grows every day, but we reckon we’ve got something super solid that even more people could benefit from. Despite what you may have heard about the death of media, we’re finding there’s dozens of pieces of work worth sharing being produced by journalists around New Zealand every day.

And we want your help! We want you to get a referral code and send it out to your friends, whānau, workmates, fishing buddies, the guy sitting next to you on the bus, people on facebook you vaguely remember from high school, and everyone else in your life. And to thank you, we’ve got some awesome prizes to give away too!


  1. Send people you think might be interested this signup form.
  2. They need to put your email address that you are signed up to The Bulletin on, and put it in the box marked ‘referral email.’ Instead of using the @symbol in the email, just put a dot (like so – thebulletin.thespinoff.co.nz)
  3. If they do that correct correctly, we’ll be able to count the numbers.
  4. The final count will be made on the morning of Friday the 31st of August, and winners will be notified on that day.


The people in the top 10 for number of signups will get sent out a free copy of NBA star Steven Adams’ autobiography My Life, My Fight, signed by the book’s ghostwriter Madeleine Chapman (also known as a staff writer at The Spinoff, and a national treasure in her own right)

Everyone who manages to get someone else to sign up will be sent their very own Spinoff pen. These come in a fetching shade of green, and while they’re very good for writing, they can also be used as paperclips, jabbing implements and backscratchers.

The person who gathers the most referral signups will get a very special prize. Our partnerships editor Simon Day will bake them a pie. That’s right, our resident lunch provider will bake you one of his famous steak and Guinness pies (vegetarian option available too) and wherever you are in New Zealand, we’ll get one to you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: People will be sent a confirmation email before their signup goes through, so if you were planning on being sneaky and signing a whole lot of people up without their consent, please don’t. It’s bad manners, and it won’t work.

PRIZE GALLERY: (From left) Mad Chapman with copies of My Life, My Fight; A Simon Day Special Pie, and a classic Spinoff pen.

Finally, if you aren’t signed up to The Bulletin yourself, and would like to be signed up but don’t want to be part of all of this, you can just chuck your email in here.

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