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Coming to Lightbox in September: The return of Transparent and Scream Queens


Inside the Lightbox is a sponsored feature where we hand pick shows from the Lightbox catalogue that you might like to watch. Here are the best additions coming in September.

Transparent (Season 3 arrives Sep 24)


Maura’s back for a third season in perhaps the most talked about show in recent years. As well as riding a wave of awards and critical praise, the two currents seasons are a completely manageable binge-watch for a weekend. But first, be sure to know the very simple meaning behind the name Transparent, before it’s too late to save face.

Scream Queens (Season 2 arrives Sep 21)

The much-anticipated second season of this pulpy sorority horror-comedy arrives to Lightbox express from the US this month, only now the killing takes place in a hospital. Following in the steps of creator Ryan Murphy’s other hit anthology series American Horror Storyit seems each season will centre around a completely original narrative.

Luther (Season 4 arrives Sep 1)


Before Idris Elba was a frontrunner to be the next James Bond, he burst onto the scene as John Luther, a genius murder detective with violent and self-destructive tendencies. Catch up on all four seasons so you can feel like an ‘original fan’ when he is announced as 007 (probably).

Call the Midwife (Season 4 arrives Sep 1)


If you were sad that Downton Abbey finished, never fear. Call the Midwife picks up right where Downton left off, careening on bikes down the streets of 1950s East London. The fact that it stars Vanessa Redgrave, aka Legend of Cinema Who’s Never Been In a Bad Thing, is probably all the validation you need.

Killjoys (Season 1 arrives Sep 1)

“Some TV shows effortlessly tick a large number of the boxes you want them to tick and throw in a few more goodies just for fun, and Killjoys is that show.” – Maureen Ryan, Variety

From the producers of Orphan Black comes Killjoys, a sci-fi adventure comedy that follows a team of space bounty hunters as they catch criminals across four planets on the verge of war. And you thought Dog the Bounty Hunter was extreme.

Father Brown (Season 3 arrives Sep 1)

“One of the best things currently on television” – Christopher Stevens, The Daily Mail


Ever wondered what Arthur Weasley from Harry Potter would be like as a priest who solves crimes? Ponder no more.

Upper Middle Bogan (Season 1 & 2 available now)

Moving closer to home, Upper Middle Bogan is Australia’s latest hit comedy. Starring New Zealand’s Robyn Malcolm (Outrageous Fortune) as a drag racing matriarch who reunites with her upper middle class daughter after 30 years.

Criminal Justice (available now)

A young man spends a drunken night with a stranger, only to find her murdered in the morning. If that story sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because current must-see mystery The Night of is based entirely on this show. And like House of Cards, The Office, and Broadchurch, you just know the original British version is probably better…

Time of our Lives (S1-2, live now)

The Time of our Lives follows a normal Australian extended family, which means there’s plenty of drama, plenty of bad decisions, and plenty of love. It’s a show that proves there’s actually no such thing as a ‘normal’ family at all.

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