These are just some of the babes you’ll be watching on streaming this festive season.
These are just some of the babes you’ll be watching on streaming this festive season.

TelevisionDecember 1, 2019

What’s new on Netflix NZ and every other streaming service in December

These are just some of the babes you’ll be watching on streaming this festive season.
These are just some of the babes you’ll be watching on streaming this festive season.

What are you going to be watching in December? The Spinoff rounds up everything that’s coming to streaming services this month, including Netflix, Lightbox, Disney+, AppleTV, Neon, Amazon Prime, Acorn and TVNZ on Demand.

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The Biggies

The L-Word: Generation Q (NEON, Season 1 weekly from December 11)

What will The L Word: Generation Q be? A revamp? A revival? Season eight? Who knows! They’re calling it a sequel series to The L Word so maybe it won’t pick up where season seven disastrously ended in 2009. Set ten years after the events of The L Word, I’m guessing everyone will have moved on from Jenny’s murder. But as long as Alice’s Chart returns and Entry-Level Gay Shane bangs a lot of people, I’m keen. Also, apparently power lesbian Bette (extremely hot Jennifer Beals) is running for Mayor of Los Angeles as a key plot point, something I’ve just now discovered is a thing I’m very into. The L Word was my (bi)sexual awakening back in the day, so I’ll continue to stan regardless of how terrible it probably will be. / Emily Writes

You (Netflix, Season 2, from December 26)

Boy meets girl. Boy flirts with girl. Boy follows girl home and masturbates in a bush while he watches her through the window… and it only gets worse from there. The social media-centred psychological thriller You was a suprise sensation when it debuted on Netflix last year, and it’s not hard to see why. Bolstered by a fantastic performance by Penn Badgley (Gossip Girl) as charming hipster psychopath Joe Goldberg, You is packed with the kind of insane twists that will have you binging until the early hours. Bonus: it’s properly funny too. After a suitably bonkers season one finale, season two relocates to Los Angeles, with Joe all set to unleash hell on a new girlfriend/unsuspecting victim. / Catherine McGregor

The Witcher (Netflix, Season 1 from December 20)

To use Cluedo phrasing: it was Henry Cavill, in a wig, in the bathtub. That’s what sold me on this adaptation of one of the most acclaimed video game series of the past five years. There are reasons to be dubious about this. Very valid reasons. Video games do not traditionally adapt well into series, even though this is technically based on the books, not the video game series, but such technicalities are the domain of pedants. Henry Cavill’s wig is… not very good. It’s a fantasy series, which are either very hit or so much of a miss it’s a backfire. But given that this comes from Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, who has worked on Umbrella Academy and The Defenders, I’ve got my hopes up. / Sam Brooks

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel (Amazon Prime, Season 3 from December 6)

It’s won a bazillion awards, it’s made by the team behind Gilmore Girls, and it features one of TV’s most intelligent and independent heroines. Marvelous Mrs Maisel follows the life of Midge Maisel, a 1950s New York housewife who becomes a stand-up comic when her marriage suddenly collapses. This third season sees Midge take control of her own destiny like never before, with more of the fabulous costumes, fast dialogue and feminist storylines that make Marvelous Mrs Maisel such a charming and delicious watch. / Tara Ward

The Notables

Los Espookys (NEON, Season 1 from December 8)

Okay, hear me out because this is a weird one. The synopsis sounds normal: the show follows a group of friends who turn their love for horror into a business opportunity, providing horror to those who need it, in a Latin American country where the strange and eerie are just part of daily life. Basically, a group of friends make scary experiences for people who hire them. It’s true oddball comedy, and it’s all in Spanish! Think Scooby Doo but in reverse, and a lot weirder. Trust me on this one, you won’t regret watching it. / SB

John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Punch (Netflix, Special from December 24)

Desperate for something to watch on Christmas Day so you don’t have to interact with that one uncle who always comes over to yours for the festive season because nobody else will have him? Look no further than this Christmas Special from John Mulaney, the only straight white man worth a damn. His Christmas special is a children’s variety show where the comedian will perform with children aged eight through 13, who he cheerfully admits are more talented than he is, and a group of eclectic personalities including David Byrne, Natasha Lyonne and Jake Gyllenhaal. So that’s your Christmas sorted, you’re welcome! / SB

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Netflix, Season 4 from December 19)

Could Rebecca Bunch finally be sorting herself out? Despite opening with her in prison for attempted murder, the fourth and final season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend suggests the answer is a qualified yes. With a little medical help, as celebrated in the song ‘Anti-Depressants are So Not a Big Deal’, Rebecca is finally on the road to self-actualisation, with a new job, a new hobby (musical theatre, of course) and a newly non-co-dependent approach to relationships. While the final season has a big focus on resolving Rebecca’s ‘love quadrangle’, as always it’s the supporting characters who really shine, especially in their musical moments – you’ll be humming attorney Jim’s muscial cri de coeur ‘Don’t Be a Lawyer’ for weeks. / CM

Vikings (Lightbox, Season 6 from December 5)

Vikings is Thor on steroids. The gore, weird nicknames, and military strategy portrayed are ripped straight from Nordic myth, legend, and history. Rollo the Bear really was the first Duke of Normandy, and Lagertha really was unstoppable in both battle and politics. This show is for people who only watched Game of Thrones for Stannis Baratheon.

The bloodlust-and-boats series has been renewed for a sixth and final season, which will take our favourite Nordic conquerors to the Silk Road and back to the Mediterranean. Who will Ivar the Boneless meet in Russia? Will Floki ever escape Iceland? You could read a history book, or just tune in and find out. / Josie Adams

The Movies

Marriage Story (Netflix from December 6)

Noah Baumbach is one of the best filmmakers of the 21st century, hands down. Nobody else captures the ways in which intelligent, articulate, damaged people absolutely damage other intelligent, articulate, damaged people – moreso if they’re related! His latest tracks the painful, but normal, divorce of a couple (big boy Adam Driver and cancelled Scarlett Johansson) and the ensuing legal battle. I can confidently say this is not one for a Netflix and Chill, but one to ruminate on while you picturesquely drink a glass of warm red wine. / SB

A Christmas Prince: Royal Baby (Netflix, from December 5)

First we had A Christmas Prince and A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, and now we welcome A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby into the world. Amber (New Zealand’s Rose McIver) and King Richard have a bun in the royal oven, and if there are any Christmas miracles left, this will be another gloriously cheesy and cliched Christmas Prince gem. These movies will warm even the coldest of hearts this festive season, because cheese always wins, both in television and the buffet of life. / TW

Thor: Ragnarok (Disney+, from December 5)

Look, it’s Thor: Ragnarok. You know what it is. It’s the Taika Waititi/Cate Blanchett Marvel film. Go forth with the knowledge you can watch it an unlimited amount of times on Disney+. / SB

The Rest


December 1

Dead Kids


Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle: Season One

Rush Hour

Rush Hour 2

Four Brothers

Four Christmases

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

After Earth


December 2

Team Kaylie: Part Two

A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

December 3

Especial de Natal Porta dos Fundos: A Primeira Tentacao de Cristo

Tiffany Haddish: Black Mitzvah

December 4

Los Briceno

Magic for Humans: Season Two

Let’s Dance

December 5

Apache: La vide de Carlos Tevez

V Wars

Home for Christmas

A Christmas Prince: A Royal Baby

In the Heart of the Sea

December 6

The Chosen One: Season Two

Glow Up: Season One

Triad Princess

Three Days of Christmas

Virgin River

Fuller House: Season Five

Marriage Story

Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show

The Confession Killer

Spirit Riding Free: The Spirit of Christmas

Teasing Master Takagi-san: Season Two

December 8

Lady Bird

December 9

Amit Tandon: Family Tandoncies

A Family Reunion Christmas

December 10

Michelle Wolf: Joke Show

December 12

Jake Whitehall: Christmas with my Father

December 13

6 Underground

December 15

Adventure Time: Season Five

Adventure Time: Season Six

Sucker Punch


Going for Gold

December 16

Bring it On: All or Nothing


Public Enemies


American Pie Presents: Band Camp

The Blues Brothers

Knocked Up

Baby Mama

Honey 2



The Jack

The Invention of Lying


The Thing

December 17

Ronny Chieng: Asian Comedian Destroys America!

December 18


Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer

A Quiet Place

December 19

Ultraviolet: Season Two

Twice Upon a Time

After the Raid

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Season Four

December 20

The Witcher

Two Popes

December 22

Underworld: Blood Wars

December 24

Lost in Space: Season Two

TERRACE HOUSE: TOKYO 2019-2020: Part Two

Crash Landing on You

Como caido del cielo

John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch

Carole & Tuesday: Part Two

December 26

La Bazar de la Charites

You: Season Two

The App

Fast & Furious Spy Races

December 27

The Gift

Kevin Hart: Don’t F**k This Up


December 28

Hot Gimmick: Girl Meets Boy

December 30

Alexa & Katie: Season Three

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.: Reawakened

December 31

The Neighbour

Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures

The Dengenerates: Season Two


December 2

Saving Santa

12 Days Of Giving

The Christmas Chalet

The Christmas Cure

A Christmas Hero

Christmas In The Highlands

Christmas On Holly Lane

A Family For The Holidays

Forever Christmas

A Gift For Christmas

Her Magical Christmas

Looks Like Christmas

Merry & Bright

A Storybook Christmas

A Song For Christmas

A Gift To Cherish

At Eternity’s Gate



Lean On Pete


Pick Of The Litter


She Shears

Vox Lux

Yellow Is Forbidden

December 3

Deep Water: Season One

Dream the Future: Season One

Stephen Hawking’s Future Place: Season One

December 4

The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time


Sharknado 2: The Second One

Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

Sharknado: The 4th Awakens

Sharknado 5: Global Swarming

December 5

Welcome To Marwen

December 8

Los Espookys

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

December 10


December 11

The L Word: Generation Q: Season One

December 12

Work in Progress: Season One

Cold Pursuit

December 15

Spider In The Web

December 16

Marvel’s Runaways: Season Three

December 17

Hotel Mumbai

The Hundred-Foot Journey

December 19

Five Bedrooms: Season One


December 20

Cold Blood Legacy

December 21

Little Pink House

December 22

The Prodigy

December 26

King Of Thieves

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

Swimming With Men

December 27

Very Ralph

December 29

10 Things I Hate About You

December 31

Law Abiding Citizen

TVNZ on Demand

December 1


Dark Horse

Hunt For The Wilderpeople


The Orator

Born To Dance

Fresh Meat

The Pa Boys

Whale Rider

Sione’s Wedding

Sione’s 2: Unfinished Business

December 6

Why Women Kill

December 7


December 9




A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A Young Doctor’s Notebook

Sense & Sensibility

Jane Eyre

Great Expectations

War and Peace

Wolf Hall

Burton and Taylor

An Adventure in Space and Time


From Darkness



The Musketeers


The Fades

What Remains

Spies of Warsaw

Natural World: Animal Weapons

Natural World: Cheetahs Growing Up Fast

Natural World: Fishing Leopards

Natural World: Ghost Bear

Natural World: Giraffes – Africa’s Gentle Giants

Natural World: H Is For Hawk – A New Chapter

Natural World: Jaguars – Brazil’s Super Cats

Natural World: Owls – Behind the Magic

Natural World: Super Squirrels

Natural World: Supercharged Otters

Brainwashing Stacey

Stacey Dooley Investigates: Fashion’s Dirty Secrets

Stacey Dooley: Countdown to Armageddon

Secrets of the Lost Graveyard

Secrets of the Bermuda Triangle

December 12

Life is Easy

December 16


Masters of Sex


Amazon Prime

December 6

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

December 13

The Expanse

The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen


December 4

The Inbetweeners


The Farewell

Can You Keep A Secret


December 5

Vikings: Season Six

December 11

Lipstick Jungle

Once Upon a Time on Sesame Street

Elliot: The Littlest Reindeer

The Wiggles; Wiggly Wiggly Christmas

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

The Angry Birds Movie 2

It: Chapter Two

Downton Abbey

The Kitchen

Them That Follow


Danger Close

Little Women

Amazing Grace


Robert the Bruce

December 13

Nina’s World

Fireman Sam: Heroes of the Storm

December 18

Good Boys



December 25

Plus One


December 3

Henry Hugglemonster
Miles From Tomorrowland

Sheriff Callie’s Wild West

Star vs. The Forces of Evil 

The Lion Guard

Expedition Amelia


Glory Road

The Incredible Dr. Pol

The Incredible Dr. Pol: Blue Ribbon Kids

The Incredible Dr. Pol: Jingle Pols

Incredible! The Story of Dr. Pol

Just Like Me!

Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts

Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors – Heart of Iron

December 3

One Day at Disney

December 5

Thor: Ragnarok

December 11

Alice Through The Looking Glass

Apple TV

December 6

Truth Be Told



December 2

Anner House

Queens of Mystery

December 9

Indian Summers


December 16

Wild at Heart

December 23


December 30

The Fragile Heart

Relative Strangers

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