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TelevisionOctober 25, 2017

Mike Hosking and the five stages of Ardern government grief

mike hosking

New Zealand’s top broadcaster has been on a journey since Winston Peters went left. Madeleine Chapman charts the Hosk’s passage through Kübler-Ross’s five stages of grief.

The takes have been coming in hot since Winston Peters rose ceremony’d the entire country and chose to marry Labour (and adopt their large adult son called the Greens). But while most commentators have worked hard to remain nonpartisan in their assessments of our new government, one Mike Hosking has worn his emotions on his torn denim sleeve. In the six days since The Announcement, the world’s biggest John Key booster has been in mourning in the most Psych101 way. Every morning on Newstalk ZB, Hosking has talked his way through Kübler-Ross’s five stages of grief.


“The Greens are the big losers. Yes they’re in government, but only just.”

“You could well argue the Nats aren’t really losers.”

“I hope Bill English doesn’t quit. Mainly because he didn’t lose, he just didn’t get picked.”


“It looked a mess: no policy, no portfolios, no detail.”

“Three very different parties, with a lack of experience in a lot of areas.”


“Many would argue three years in opposition might have served her better than the three years of what a lot of good money would suggest is going to be a tumultuous ride.”

“Here’s the ultimate irony, [the Kermadec Sanctuary] would be a tangible example of how well National and the Greens could’ve worked together if only the Greens hadn’t had that mad 75% rule and the party be so laden down with non-Greens and pro-communists.”


“This is, and was, MMP at its worst. [Winston] is your worst nightmare.”

“If last night was day one of the government then we’re all in trouble.”

“If that’s not Stockholm syndrome I don’t know what is.”


“Governments should be for all of us. We don’t have to agree with everything, in fact we’d be mad if we did.”

“If you look with an open mind, there is always a decent amount there to – at the very least – not be overly bothered or freaked about.”

Thanks to Greater Auckland for the inspiration for this piece.

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