TelevisionAugust 31, 2017

The epic Spinoff leaders’ debate drinking game


Tonight on TVNZ1 at 7pm, Jacinda Ardern and Bill English will go head-to-head in the first leader’s debate of the 2017 election. To make the viewing experience all the more exciting, we’ve assembled the mother of all drinking games. We strongly advise using non-alcoholic beverages.

Take a sip when you hear/see:

“Let me finish”

“With all due respect”

“The fact of the matter”

“I think you’ll find”

“Yes or no”

Hosking tugs on shirt



“Boot camps”

Hosking eye-roll






Pointy finger

Take two sips:

Hosking tugs on cufflinks

“Social media”

“The internet”

“Evidence based policy”

“Future of work”

“Hardworking Kiwis”

Anyone does air quotes

“Ordinary New Zealanders”

“Up and down the country”

“Wake up in the morning”

“The end of the day”

“The New Zealand way”

Take a shot:

“Dirty Politics”

“Mother of all scandals”

“Lipstick on a pig”

Hosking plays with pen


“Memorandum of understanding”

“Lolly scramble”

“Ping pong”

“Working groups”

Distressed jeans

Take three shots:

Bill English does a Tom Sainsbury impression of Bill English


“Cusp of something special”

“Smile and wave”

“Relentlessly positive”

“Relentlessly dissatisfied”

“Delivering for New Zealand”

A rogue worm appears

Finish your drink:

Hosksplaining in any form

“Donald Trump”

Ponytail tug

Group hug

“Let’s do this”

“Let’s get together”

Spontaneous breaking into song

Stage invasion

“I love you, Mr Lange”

Walk into the sea:

Hosking comments on Jacinda’s choice of clothing

Hosking attempts to explain who can and can’t vote for the Māori Party

Hosking announces himself as winner of the debate

The TVNZ1 Leader’s Debate kicks off at 7pm tonight

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