AnalysisMay 5, 2015

The Bachelor NZ: Who Will Receive the Final Rose? Let the Sims Decide


Joseph Harper uses his Playstation 2 version of The Sims to decide the final outcome of The Bachelor NZ. 

Speculation is rife going into the final week of The Bachelor NZ. All three remaining bachelorettes seem to have a crack at the title of Art Green’s girlfriend. Alysha has the nice accent. Matilda has a nice broken wrist. Dani has made out with Art a lot. They’ve all done a great job in getting to this point, but it’s hard to tell who is going to win.

In the hopes of winning bets with his workmates, Joe Harper decided to run a highly advanced simulation so as to accurately predict the final outcome of the show.

Here’s a documentary video of that simulation.


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