AppreciationMay 11, 2015

Fragmentary Thoughts: Mad Men’s Matchless Meloncholy


Fragmentary Thoughts is a comic strip by José Barbosa, in which he’ll tackle a different television show or phenomenon each month. In this instalment, he illustrates his favourite moments from Mad Men.

The end is coming for Matthew Weiner’s examination of the slow, gurgling death of the American dream.  One more episode of Mad Men remains. The show about a Madison Avenue advertising firm in the 1960s made Jon Hamm a star and turned cable channel AMC into an A-list player.

It was strange, melancholy, poetic and wry. Gallons of booze was drunk, mostly at work and before midday, and the suits were as sharp as bayonets. Only one question remains: will Roger survive the ’70s with his droopy moustache intact?


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