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cheers ew-la
cheers ew-la

AppreciationJanuary 27, 2015

Shorty Street Scandal: Trolley Boys and Trollied Girls

cheers ew-la
cheers ew-la

Please enjoy this excellent episode of Shorty Street Scandal, wherein James Mustapic recaps the past week of Ferndale hijinks. This week? The drinks flowed freely through the streets from The IV all the way to the unemployed trolley boy.

First important thing of note: James has ditched his usual sweater for a more relaxed and weather-appropriate look for 2015. Please refer to this piece on summer makeovers if you would like further insight into more essential Shortland Street-based trends.

jackie takes the wheel

In drunken disaster news, Lucy gets left with Barmaid Jackie at The IV after Dayna is needed out the back. What follows should get Jackie’s duty manager licence revoked. She gets Lucy so boozed up that she passes out on the rough IV floor. But Lucy isn’t the only one to get massively on the turps this week…

Over at Kylie’s, Leanne was doing what any great partygoer does: sitting by themselves getting quietly drunk under the guise that you are “just tired.” Dayna is stressed that Ferndale is descending into some sort of raucous Playboy grotto of debauchery, trying desperately in vain to stop everyone from drinking too much/at all.

Tell you who could do with a celebratory drab though – Chris and Rachel. After the long, uncomfortable affair with Garrett, it looks like there could be some hope for our enduring star couple. Chris told Rachel that she was “awesome” and then they took a Warner family selfie together. So they’re basically back together, right?

the mystery unfolds
the mystery unfolds

The background character of the week was the iconic rice snack vendor of our times – the young trolley boy. Chugging a quart of orange juice behind Harper and Boyd, the trolley boy’s presence brings up more questions than answers. Who is minding the trolley? How do the orange juice prices compare to those of the trolley? Does he get a discount on trolley snacks? What drove him away from the wheeled confines of his trolley home?

Finally, another great week and another glorious episode is rounded off with the iconic Leanne moment of our times. Her and Ula finally have the conversation that most Shortland Street fans have been waiting for since she graced our screens – how to pronounce ‘Ula’. Leanne says “Eeew-la” so loudly and proudly that she woke Nicole from her coma.

shut up

Just another normal week, really.

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