Aspirant candidate Matt Cross, who, by not being Dick Quax, is clearly over-qualified to represent Howick.

Thank God: Someone is trying to loosen Dick Quax’s death grip on Howick

After being elected unopposed at the last election, councillors Dick Quax and Sharon Stewart finally have some opposition in Howick.

Councillor Dick Quax and his ally Sharon Stewart were elected unopposed in the Howick ward last election.

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That’s a shame, because Quax is what would happen if you put skin and a moustache on an angry ratepayer letter. In the opinion of the War for Auckland bunker he’s opposed to all change, especially if it means young or poor people might get to live in Howick. Meanwhile, Stewart is currently in trouble because she wrote a personal submission asking the Independent Hearings Panel to reject large swathes of the Unitary Plan that she will soon get to vote on.

Neither is good.

We don’t know much about this new guy, but he can’t help but be an improvement.

Aspirant candidate Matt Cross, who, by not being Dick Quax, is clearly over-qualified to represent Howick.

Aspirant candidate Matt Cross, who, by not being Dick Quax, is clearly over-qualified to represent Howick. (image: supplied)

Here is his press release, with minor editorial annotations by the Spinoff bunker in square brackets:

Matthew Cross Announces bid for the Howick Ward

Today, Matthew Cross [who is not Dick Quax] announced he is standing as an Independent Candidate to represent the Howick Ward on the Auckland Council. With 11 years of service as an Officer in the New Zealand Army, Matthew [who is not Dick Quax] believes the leadership and decision-making skills developed working with community leaders in East Timor can be put to use in solving issues closer to home.

Born and raised in Howick, and educated at Macleans College, Matthew [who is not Dick Quax] has deep connections to the area and wants to continue serving its residents.

“Howick is on the precipice of great change. But this is not without substantial growing pains. Currently, there is a disconnect between our representatives on the Auckland Council and Local Boards, I want to be a part of a team of political leaders that accepts responsibility and works with all stakeholders to provide solutions,” says Cross [who is not Dick Quax].

“Auckland is an incredibly dynamic city, which is constantly changing. As millennials begin to make up a greater percentage of the population and the multi-cultural face of Howick changes, we need fresh vision and leadership that’s more in tune with its residents [messy syntax, Matthew, but you’re not Dick Quax].”

As part of his campaign, he is connecting with residents (online and offline) to ask what is most important to them. So far, answers have ranged from green-spaces to parking spaces, housing issues to the hospitality industry.

“The next generation (millennials and beyond) have a different perspective on the world. They are well-connected, invested in the environment and sceptical of corporate interests – yet often politically disengaged,” said Cross [who is not Dick Quax]. “Decisions made by the Auckland Council affect us every day, whatever the reasons, big or small, it is important to be a part of the conversation and to vote.”

“Matthew [who is not Dick Quax] is an energetic, capable young man who brings all the skills that Howick needs to represent them on the Auckland Council,” said Jim Donald, a long-time Howick Board member who is helping Cross [who is not Dick Quax] with his campaign. “He is a doer, not a talker and we need more politicians who can walk the walk.”

Matthew [who is not Dick Quax] has clearly outlined his four main priorities, which include ensuring effective communication with his ward, transforming the Council into a high-performing team, tackling the housing crisis and getting Howick moving. His vision for Auckland is for it to be a city that always strives to improve.

For more information on Matthew Cross [who is not Dick Quax], go to

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