The Friday Poem: ‘Y’ by Courtney Sina Meredith

New verse by Auckland writer Courtney Sina Meredith.




S scrubs the pots so give him Y

P was there so give him Y

X cleared her weekend so give her Y

S wants kids so give him Y

S stops calling unlikeable women ‘bitches’ so give him Y

P sends a text checking up on U

U miss him

P misses Y

X says that she dreams about Y

S fixes your car so give him Y

L is back from overseas

T is back with his wife

O comes home for a funeral

M turns up on opening night with B

S loves big dogs so give him Y

X is getting her shit together

X haunts U

P stops eating gluten

T emails his anxieties

O goes without a word

S pats you back to sleep

P keeps your secret

X drifts further and further

S tells his Nan he met someone

U are harvesting Y

U are holding it to your chest


Courtney Sina Meredith, 2018

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