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Photo: Pexels

BooksJuly 3, 2020

The Friday Poem: Only the ocean by Michaela Keeble

Photo: Pexels
Photo: Pexels

A new poem by Michaela Keeble.


Only the ocean


only the ocean

turns me over

like this


only the ocean

turns me

on like this


only the ocean

gives warning:


what will change

and when


so it doesn’t come


like violence


white caps

drift in

on the rising tide


i feel like

opening my legs


i don’t want

to do anything else



i don’t want

to go

to work


i want to lie down

with the ocean

for 24 hours


one whole turn

of the earth


by then

i’ll have been



and emptied


by the fizzing surf

by the ocean’s

foaming hand


by the ocean

washing in

and out



and over



and going


and coming


This poem appears in Michaela Keeble’s chapbook intertidal, published by Anemone Press in July 2020.

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