The Friday Poem: ‘Our Lady’ by Carin Smeaton

New verse by Auckland writer Carin Smeaton.


Our Lady


every noon moses calls to our lady

of the rosary

she jus ‘round the corner

eyes always 2 her heart  that gurl

‘cept for the time she set the methodist

church on fire

feeding it all the dreams she ever held

bright &  o whatta night

her wide eyes

fatally fixated on that lone spark

which had finally come into her life

but never quite got 2 ignite

not wit dem firefighters down the road

anyways  (always so charming always heroic)

they never stayd for long

tho in her bones

she always knew they wudnt

cos she weren’t never the apple

o nobody’s eye

nor the vortex

of no storm in the sky

just another thorn in the side of pitt street

where deep down

(she once  told moses)

she’d always known

she never quite reacht life as a viable

& that made him call her

a negative bitch

but it also made him worry


Carin Smeaton, 2018

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