BooksFebruary 7, 2020

The Friday Poem: Riding home from work by Marcel Currin


A new poem by Tauranga poet Marcel Currin.


Riding home from work

I’d been dreaming about the soft edges of the road.
It was a radio dream. The voices were upside down.
Something on the ground was interesting to them.

Later I was awake. I don’t know when.
My eyes were loaded with fog.
Each blink reset the universe with a thud.

It was a blank, jostling space.
We were somewhere in the cosmos.
Stars and planets murmured beyond the walls.

I noticed the idea of an ambulance.
A woman’s face was buffering.
She was making words into reassuring shapes.

She told me gently of a man who’d been hit by a car.
It seemed important
like someone was having a really bad day.



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