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BooksOctober 8, 2018

The Monday Excerpt: Mika stars in I Have Loved Me a Man


We could have chosen some text from the new biography of the phenomenal Mika but yeah nah let the pictures do the talking.

Jermaine Leef, Mika and Parai Parai in ‘Ahi Wai’

Kapai Kabaret
photo shoot by Arjan Hoeflak, 1995.

Mika in front of the sign at GayBiGayBi, SXSW, Austin, 2015, having just arrived on Ron English’s‘POPaganda’ double-decker bus.

Photo by Cindy Marler, at the Cultural Olympiad of Barcelona, 1992. “Cindy saw my show and asked to shoot me. It was a magical trip: an ageing drag queen was MC, there were foam parties – well, orgies, actually, but at least you came out clean.”

Sara Orme shoots Mika, 2010. Mika and Sara first began working together in 1999.

All images from I Have Loved Me a Man: The life and times of Mika by Sharon Mazar (Auckland University Press, $60), available at Unity Books. It will be launched at Shanghai Lil on October 10.

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