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BooksJuly 20, 2018

The Friday Poem: ‘Mum and Mary’ by Sam Hunt


New verse by Kaipara poet Sam Hunt.


Mum and Mary


In the dream my mother

is chatting with her friend, Mary,


mother of Jesus – Mum and

Mary sharing a joint.


Mary tends to rabbit on

about the cost of living,


of everything ‘going up’;

husband, Joseph,


coming in lately

smelling of incense.


All my mother’s friends,

like Mary, have problems.


They’ve each their ‘Little Jesus’

and some husband’s promises


‘one day, all will be well’.

(It never is; won’t ever be).


But Mary’s different.

Never mattered how much she


went on – as she did –

she came from off the fifth wall,


a look in her eye

which, when I caught it,


saw she saw it all.


Sam Hunt, 2018

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