The Friday poems: ‘Lost and Found’, and ‘The Slip’ by Alan Roddick

Dunedin writer Alan Roddick may hold the New Zealand record as the author who has had the longest period between two books. A new collection of verse was published in September; it follows his debut collection, published in 1967…The two Friday poems are taken from his 2016 book, Getting It Right.


Lost and Found


After that downpour

this toddler’s shoe


dropped on the kerbstone

beside a car


is filled with a foot

of rain water




The Slip


What am I doing here?

On her new Axminster carpet


the General-Manager’s wife

undressed down to stockings and slip


has been trying to show us she too

can put her toe in her mouth.


Now she’s gone upstairs to get dressed.

The grown-ups are holding their drinks.


The General-Manager’s wife

is coming downstairs again.


I have put my sandal back on.

The grown-ups can’t think where to look.


It was rose-coloured silk, and I know

my parents won’t speak of this, ever.


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