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BooksJune 29, 2018

The Friday poem: ‘Lines from way back’ by Vincent O’Sullivan

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New verse by Dunedin writer Vincent O’Sullivan.


Lines from way back


The Senate seethes, as in an emperor’s reign.

The deals are done, speeches endorse the corpse.

Pussy and circuses stake out their claim.

Immigrants, bankers, slip their varied hoops.

Maggots exult that nature bred them white,

Their slither vermicules to get it Right.


He walks the talk of being the nation’s daddy.

He hands out holsters, ‘Souvenir the string’.

Zeus’s scrotum carried by his caddy,

The perks of office hankering for his swing.

And a wink to bro Caligula, OK?

‘All things trot for senators who neigh.’


Vincent O’Sullivan, 2018

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