All the locations of interest on an interactive NZ map, sorted by exposure time and date of listing

View all places of interest on the maps below, and sort by both the dates of potential exposure and the days when added. Plus: a searchable table with all locations. Built by the Spinoff’s head of data, Harkanwal Singh.

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These maps give you a number of ways to look at all the places of interest linked to the current delta Covid-19 outbreak. The first two maps on this page show when the location of interest was added to the list by the Ministry of Health, and the third map shows the time and date of exposure for all the locations of interest.

Locations of interest, mapped, with date they were added

Use the buttons on the top right of the map to turn options on and off.

Previous, Yesterday and Today indicate when the location information was last updated. Repeat locations announced on multiple days are shown as added on the latest day.

Desktop: click and drag to navigate or use ctrl (Windows) / ⌘ (Mac) while scrolling to zoom in and out, hover for name and time stamps for the location. Mobile: drag and pinch to zoom and out, click for name and time stamps for the location. App users: if the map isn’t working, click here to load in-browser

The map below is animated and interactive. You can let it run and watch the locations of interest pop up as the clock ticks, or hit pause and check particular times and days. Zoom out to see all of the North Island (at the time of writing, there are no South Island locations of interest, mercifully). Zoom in to see particular neighbourhoods and streets. The red line beneath the map will give you a sense of how the volume of places visited by potentially infectious people grew over those critical days.

When you pause the animation, you can hover over the site highlighted in red for more information.

App users: if the map above isn’t working, click here to load in-browser

Search for any location of interest, including buses, in the table below. Or click here to load in browser.

The below chart shows the number of locations of interest by date of potential exposure event. The locations dropped substantially once the lockdown came into effect.

Knowing where and when those infected with delta have been while symptomatic gives those who may have come into contact with them the best shot at protecting themselves and their community. If you have been at any of these locations during the relevant time, you should self-isolate and call Healthline on 0800 358 5453.

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Note: Data is sourced from the Ministry of Health page so we are unable to add macrons.

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